2020 Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report

The most accurate representation of the American direct-to-consumer shipping channel, this is the go-to resource for the latest on growth trends, changes in price per bottle shipped, regional demand and more.

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State-by-State DtC Wine Shipping Rules

DtC wine shipping rules are complex—and compliance is critical to the success of your business. Use the map below to learn how to comply with each state’s distinct direct-to-consumer wine shipping rules.

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Wine Distribution Rules by State

To help you bring your product to new markets, we offer this breakdown of some of the more common wine distribution rules and how each state applies them.

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Beer Distribution Rules by State

To help you bring your beer to new markets, Sovos ShipCompliant offers this breakdown of some common distribution rules—and how each state applies them.

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How to Grow Your DtC Wine Business with Real-Time Software

Rapidly changing regulations and increased scrutiny on shippers are ratcheting up the pressure on wineries to get compliance and sales tax right. If wineries can’t successfully report, they face increased oversight of their direct-to-consumer (DtC) wine shipments, and the threat of fines, penalties or loss of licensure. Learn how wineries are shielding themselves as they grow their DtC sales through real-time compliance checks and real-time sales tax determination.

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Direct-to-Consumer Shippers and Sales Tax: What You Need to Know

For DtC shippers, managing sales tax obligations across jurisdictions can be very difficult since rules, regulations, filing requirements and reporting timelines vary significantly by state.  Here is what you need to know about sales tax in order to compliantly ship alcohol DtC.

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10 Key Steps to Expanding Your Brewery's Footprint

Looking to enter new markets or debut new beers? Check out our guide.

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10 Key Steps to Expanding Your Winery's Footprint

Looking to introduce new products to market and widen your distribution networks? We've got you covered.

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