Rhode Island - Onsite Only

Rhode Island severely limits the direct-to-consumer shipment of alcohol. Currently, wineries may only ship to Rhode Island residents packages of wine, which were purchased by the Rhode Island resident while they were physically present at the winery’s premises (i.e. “onsite” orders). All remote (e.g. Internet, phone order, catalog order, or wine club) DtC sales are prohibited. If and when Rhode Island amends its rules, this page will update. Until then, wineries should be aware of the broad restrictions that prohibit most DtC shipments to Rhode Island.
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Steps to Compliance

Becoming Compliant

Becoming Compliant

Rhode Island currently only permits onsite purchases.

Under this rule, wineries are not required to receive a license or make tax payments to the state. However, only wine which was purchase by the Rhode Island resident for their personal consumption while they were physically present at the winery’s premises may be shipped to the Rhode Island resident.

Packages of wine must still be labeled to state that they contain alcohol, and someone over the age of 21 must be present to sign for the package at the time of delivery.

Use the map below to find out how to comply with other state's direct-to-consumer wine shipping rules.