Product Registration Online (PRO)

The easiest way to e-file beverage alcohol product and label registrations

PRO streamlines brand registration workflows for beverage alcohol licensees and states alike

PRO for Suppliers

Product Registration Online (PRO) enables fast, easy electronic brand registrations for beer, wine and spirits in participating states.
  • With PRO, you can secure approvals in a matter of hours or days, enabling your team to get your new product to market faster than traditional paper filing methods.
  • With PRO’s direct integration with the TTB, your COLAs pull in automatically, reducing time spent searching the federal database for necessary information.
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Benefits of PRO for Suppliers

  • Get to Market Fast

    Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual filing activities—submit online and receive approval in a matter of days, even hours.
  • Be Safe & Secure

    PRO is government approved, directly integrated with the TTB, and fully encrypted for peace of mind.
  • Save Money

    Save thousands in processing time and mailing costs annually. Receive a full refund if your registration is rejected by a state (depending on state statutes).
  • Minimize Errors & Risk of Rejection

    Be alerted to potential registration problems to avoid rejections, and access free, live technical support from Sovos ShipCompliant experts if needed. Get quick feedback with no need to wait for postal delivery.

Our partnership with ShipCompliant PRO helps us achieve this goal by fully automating the brand label registration and renewal process in New York, creating an approval process that is faster, easier and more cost-effective for those we serve

Vincent Bradley

The New York State Liquor Authority

PRO for States

Product Registration Online (PRO) is one of the largest and most comprehensive e-file solutions for brand registrations.
  • PRO provides state administrators a quick, easy way to view and approve incoming product and label registrations.
  • PRO reduces the risk of bad data on brand registrations through the only direct integration to the TTB COLA database and by tailoring each workflow solution to the unique rules and regulations in participating states.
  • More than 750 licensees already use the platform across 15 states (and growing), which allows smooth adoption of a familiar e-file solution as compared to any individual state solution.
  • Upon adopting PRO, states typically see a significant reduction in workload and turnaround time for registration approval—with an average turnaround of two days.
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Benefits of PRO for States

  • Improved Workflows

    PRO offers first-in-first-out, sortable list view of all new, approved and denied registrations, as well as the ability to manage, search and export all registrations by licensee, distributor, date range, brand, etc. Incoming electronic registrations interface with TTB registry to display high resolution label images and TTB COLA document.
  • Streamlined Communications

    State administrators can comment on incoming registrations and send comments to licensees via the PRO portal. Licensees are automatically emailed when a registration is approved, denied or edited.
  • No Cost to States

    PRO is funded entirely through a per-registration technology fee, typically paid by the licensee.
  • Safe & Secure

    PRO offers a state-specific, secure database (technical specifications available upon request). State administrators secure user logins.