Complete beverage alcohol compliance tools for distributors registering brands and reporting on behalf of clients. We help you help your supplier clients enable revenue growth while reducing the burden of compliance, reporting, and product registration by automating compliance with state and federal regulations.

Market Ready

Simplify go-to-market complexities on behalf of clients with automated project management and real-time government integration.

  • Streamline processes with a central repository for all client brand compliance data
  • Feel secure knowing Market Ready integrates directly with 10+ government systems
  • Keep track of state requirements and forms, and important client license renewal deadlines, with a centralized project tool
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Our one-of-a-kind trademark research and monitoring solution provides a powerful indexing tool to visually search all federally approved labels in the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) Public Certificate of Label Approval/Exemption (COLA) Registry.

  • Instantly discover and monitor potential brand and trademark infringement on behalf of your clients
  • Track client label approvals based on saved searches
  • Maintain clients’ approved alcohol labels in one convenient location
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License Management for Distributors

License Management

Secure and cloud-based, our License Management solution lets you easily start and manage beverage alcohol licenses for shipping across state lines. ShipCompliant License Management helps walk you through the licensing process by listing all the varying state licensing requirements and providing up-to-date links to state forms, keeping track of renewal deadlines for you and reminding you when renewals are coming due..

  • Rather than researching states’ varying deadlines and requirements state-by-state, find them consolidated in one place with quick links to the relevant forms.
  • Never lose track of upcoming renewal deadlines thanks to automated alerts to complete renewals before there is any risk of lapsed licenses.
  • Stay on top of it all with a centralized, cloud-based database where you store both state and federal licenses.
  • Simplify your licensing workflow — eliminate the need to search through paper documents or various spreadsheets to keep up with requirements and renewals.
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Shipping Compliance

Navigate constantly evolving direct-to-consumer shipping laws, minimize risks associated with compliance, and grow your business.

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Distribution Compliance

Simplify go-to-market complexities and streamline compliance management with three-tier distribution compliance.

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