DtC Wine Shipping ROI Tools

An interactive calculator and map that enable informed decision-making about entering new direct-to-consumer wine shipping markets

Just getting started with direct-to-consumer wine shipping? Looking for additional, new markets to ship to? If you’re trying to determine whether a state is worth the investment, these ROI tools — a handy map and an interactive calculator — can help. 

These tools will help you identify the most profitable new destination shipping states for your DtC wine business—and we’re always happy to help as well. Request a demo today to see how Sovos ShipCompliant solutions can streamline your direct-to-consumer compliance, tax, filing and reporting needs.


Our DtC ROI map displays key information that direct shippers will want to evaluate for each state in which direct-to-consumer wine shipping is permitted:

  • Ease of getting started, a rating based on criteria including number of forms to be completed, paper versus electronic submission access, any bond requirements, degree of requirements for corporate officer information, background checks, and other factors
  • License type required
  • License fee
  • DtC shipping volume rank for the previous calendar year, as reported in the annual Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report
*All information and data as of July 2020

ROI Calculator

Our interactive DtC ROI calculator allows you to select a state you have under consideration to identify the number of orders required to break even against license, tax and report generation costs.