Wine New Product Registrations Show Continued Growth Over 2020

Lizzy Connolly | October 11, 2021

Sparkling product registrations leads the way, with 23% spike in Q3 2021 

As the summer months wind down, beverage alcohol consumers are not halting their buying patterns. While the third quarter of 2021 saw decreases in new product registrations when compared to Q2, numerous categories show continued increases over the last year, largely in wine and spirits. Sovos ShipCompliant reviewed data from our Product Registration Online (PRO) tool to gauge how market conditions and consumer buying patterns influenced producers’ new product registrations.*

The following is a breakdown of the new product registration data via PRO from the third quarter of 2021 (July, August, September) for wine, spirits and beer.


Wine new product registrations were down by 8% last quarter, but up 9% over last year. Sparkling registrations led with a 23% increase over Q2 and a 58% surge over the same period last year. Red and Rosé wine registrations also saw modest increases over last quarter and last year, with 6% and 12% growth, respectively. 

Fruit and Dessert wine registrations were down 82% over last quarter and also dropped 77% over the same period last year. Sake also dropped over last quarter (78%) and over the same period last year (83%). 

White wine registrations had a 12% dip over last quarter but were up by 7% over the same time last year. 


Overall, product registrations in the spirits category were down by 32% over last quarter, but up by 10% over last year. Vodka registrations grew both quarter-over-quarter (13% increase) and year-over-year (65% increase). 

Among spirits product registrations:


The beer/malt category saw decreases in product registrations both quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year. However, Malt grew 9% over last quarter and had a 25% spike over last year. Beer was down 30% over last quarter and had a 34% drop over the third quarter of 2020.  

*Product Registration Online (PRO) data encompasses nationwide label/brand registrations by PRO users. Product Registration Online processes some 100,000 state registrations annually.

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