Oregon and Wyoming to Increase Permitted Volume for DtC Wine Shippers

Alex Koral | May 25, 2021

Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed SB 406 into law on May 21, 2021, more than doubling the amount of wine a holder of a Direct Shipper Permit may ship to an Oregon resident per month.

Going forward, licensed direct-to-consumer (DtC) shippers of beverage alcohol may ship up to five (5) cases of wine per Oregon resident per month, with a case not to exceed nine liters of wine. The previous limit was only two nine-liter cases. However, that applied to all shipments of any alcohol, Oregon being one of the few states that currently permits DtC shipping of malt beverages along with wine and cider. 

SB 206 establishes separate per-customer volume limits for different classes of beverage alcohol. While a Direct Shipper Permittee will be able to ship up to five cases of wine per resident per month, they will also be restricted to shipping no more than two nine-liter cases of malt beverages or cider per resident per month (cider defined as an apple or pear-based beverage alcohol with an ABV not greater than 8.5%).

Oregon is one of the leading destination states for DtC shipments of wine, so it is heartening to see that Oregon residents will be able to receive more of their favorite wine at a time, though the different treatment of other types of alcoholic beverages is notable.

The volume limit in Oregon parallels a similar change passed earlier this year in Wyoming, where licensed DtC wine shippers are set to be able to ship up to 108 liters (12 nine-liter cases) of wine per resident in a given 12-month period, up from only 36 liters.

Wyoming’s increased volume permission is set to become effective on July 1, 2021 (applying then to shipments made after that date). Oregon’s increased volume permission became effective when it was signed.

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