Beer/Malt New Product Registrations See Increase in Q4 2021

Lizzy Connolly | January 12, 2022

Near Beer registrations have robust 55% growth from Q3 2021 

The final months of 2021 saw some fluctuations from recent beverage alcohol brand registration patterns. This is not a complete surprise, as the industry is putting a cork in the second year of doing business and introducing new brands in a pandemic-influenced marketplace. For example, there was a 14% increase in Product Registration Online (PRO) new product registrations* from 2020 to 2021.

The fourth quarter of 2021 saw slower growth in new product registrations, though, when compared to Q3. However, this aligns with slower growth in Q4 2020 and Q4 2019. The first half of the year tends to be when the number of registrations truly takes off.

The following is a breakdown of new product registration data via PRO from the fourth quarter of 2021 (October, November, December) for beer, wine and spirits.


The beer/malt category saw decreases of just under 1% in product registrations compared to Q4 2020, but had a 6% increase from last quarter. The Near Beer category (non-alcoholic or NA beers) led the way, with a 55% increase in new product registrations since Q3 2021 and a 244% spike from Q4 2020. Ales also grew 50% compared to Q3 2021, with an 18% increase in new product registrations from Q4 2020. 

When it comes to Malt Beverage Specialties – Flavored (FMBs), those new product registrations made up the largest share of total malt beverage registrations, at 47% of the total in malt beverage for Q4 2021. This category has made up the largest total registrations for seven straight quarters, but is up only 7% from the fourth quarter of last year.   


Overall, the number of wine brand registrations across states was down more than 5% from Q4 2020 and down 29% from Q3 2021. Additionally, the Sparkling, White, Red and Rosé categories also saw decreases of over 25% since last quarter.  

Among wine product registrations: 


Overall, the number of spirits product registrations was down 26% from Q4 2020, and down 41% from Q3 2021. Whiskey continues to lead the way in the largest share of total registrations, at 31% of all spirit registrations, while vodka is the runner-up at 18%.

Year-over-year growth for Q4 shows registrations for tequila are up 28% since 2020, and vodka up 14% for the same period. 

*Product Registration Online (PRO) data encompasses nationwide label/brand registrations by PRO users. Product Registration Online processes some 100,000 state registrations annually.

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