5 Fast Facts about Retailers Shipping DtC

Delaney McDonald | April 28, 2021

Direct-to-consumer (DtC) shipping has increased in popularity over the years, and has been very successful in the wine industry. Unfortunately for retailers shipping DtC, they have not been able to enjoy the same level of success due to a much more limited map. But as DtC shipping continues to grow in popularity retailers are trying to take more advantage of this channel and reach new customers, despite some of the added regulatory rules to comply with. Below are five facts for retailers exploring out-of-state DtC alcohol shipping.

1. 15 states and the District of Columbia permit out-of-state retailers to sell directly to their residents through common carriers.

2. The types of alcohol permitted to ship varies.

3. There are plenty of state-specific requirements to be aware of for retailers shipping DtC.

4. Sales tax rates can vary by state.

5. Excise tax for retailers shipping DtC represents a unique tax burden. 

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