Nominate Your Winery for Our Annual Customer Awards

Delaney McDonald | March 11, 2020

The annual Sovos ShipCompliant Wine Summit is quickly approaching and it’s time to nominate your winery for the Vinners, our customer awards before submissions close on May 1.

If you are a winery and a Sovos ShipCompliant customer you are eligible to submit a nomination. You don’t need to attend the Wine Summit to be eligible, but that is where we’ll be announcing the winners.

There are four nomination categories.

If you said yes to any of these questions, or it reminded you of something else you’re proud of in one of these categories, we want to hear about it! Check out last year’s Vinners and nominate yourself in one or all of the categories. 

Sometimes we’re so focused on daily operations and future goals we don’t take a minute to appreciate what we’ve accomplished. We want to help you do that with the Vinners. So take a minute, nominate yourself and appreciate what you’ve done. We can’t wait to hear about it!