How Planning Can Improve Operations During the Busy Wine Shipping Season

Sovos | October 29, 2019

The busy direct-to-consumer (DtC) wine shipping season of October, November and December is upon us. With the holiday season approaching, people start thinking about gift-giving and holiday parties, and with a bottle of wine appealing to the masses, wine orders increase drastically. More orders and events often lead to more complexity managing paperwork, logistics and compliance. Plan and prepare on all fronts during this exciting and busy time to make it your best holiday season yet—for employees, customers and partners. 

Expect the unexpected during heightened DtC operations

More than half of all DtC shipments happen during October, November and December. During these months, an increase in shipment volume often brings to light any inefficiencies within your systems. Hiring seasonal employees, training staff to create positive package experiences for customers, and managing warehouse and logistic partners, paperwork and admin responsibilities can easily fall to the back burner. When you’re rallying your employees on a Friday afternoon to get orders put together and shipped, it’s hard to keep compliance paperwork front of mind. 

Being proactive is the best way to ensure smooth operations throughout the season. Consider which parts of your operation are the most vulnerable, where you’re spending time inefficiently, and where your team should put their focus. One common problem during the busy season is to spend an excessive amount of time researching compliance rules, filing tax forms, monitoring deadlines, printing and mailing forms, and cutting checks. These activities can quickly eat away at time that could be better spent supporting employees and further satisfying your customers.

If not prepared to manage your compliance operations, you can allocate too much time and resources, create risk with improper filings and be subject to penalties and fines. 

Reduce compliance time by 90 percent 

Lamborn Family Vineyards reduced the time its team spent on compliance reporting by 90 percent with ShipCompliant AutoFile. By freeing up time that had gone to monitoring deadlines, stuffing envelopes and cutting checks, Lamborn was able to focus time on selling wine, maintaining healthy vineyards and expanding its DtC sales efforts.

If you weren’t spending hours on compliance, you could enhance delivery experience, conduct more employee trainings, strengthen relationships with partners and vendors, or drive new marketing efforts to capitalize on the holiday season. Reducing time spent in the office preoccupied with taxes creates an opportunity for you to go out and engage with your customers, employees, partners and vendors to continue bettering your winery.

An automated compliance solution saves time and ensures accuracy 

ShipCompliant AutoFile eliminates time-consuming work of filling out reports and remittances, ensures accuracy based on your order and account information, and with one single monthly deadline for finalizing order information and approving reports, it’s easy to ensure everything is filed on time.

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