Unlocking the Potential of Your ShipCompliant Account Can Help Foster Seamless Direct-to-Consumer and Three-Tier Operations

Sovos | October 17, 2019

In the past, three-tier and direct-to-consumer channels have often operated independently or have even been viewed as competitive channels, but there is a benefit in having a symbiotic and seamless relationship between them. ShipCompliant helps businesses manage both their direct-to-consumer operations and three-tier reporting and registration compliance simultaneously. Our users tell us they reclaim hours spent on compliance with our tools Market Ready and 3-Tier, by using them in tandem with their existing ShipCompliant DtC compliance process to create a seamless, comprehensive, cross-category compliance strategy.

Getting a handle on 3-Tier reporting

ShipCompliant’s 3-Tier solution provides a centralized place to track and manage requirements, reporting and deadlines. Staying compliant while scaling up to new states can be complex, confusing and time-consuming. Our platform ensures visibility for multiple users and accuracy across state reporting compliance requirements, meaning anyone in your company can have these resources at their fingertips to check on and ensure compliance in a matter of seconds.

Our 3-Tier solution can assist you with:

Instead of spending hours filling out reports of gallonage to the states, just upload one file and we handle the rest of the three-tier reporting. Find out in seconds which state licenses need to be renewed or which have recently been registered, turning your compliance strategy from reactive to proactive. If you want to ease the burden of the complex reporting process, making sure everything is on time, accurate and compliant, request a demo today.

Get products to market faster and more efficiently with Market Ready

Any delays in getting products to market can have big effects on your revenue and bottom line, and you don’t want compliance to be the thing that slows you down. Fortunately, ShipCompliant’s Market Ready tool can help. 

Market Ready is a fully-automated project management solution with real-time federal and state government integrations to simplify and manage go-to-market complexities. Researching and keeping track of the label requirements that vary state by state can easily become overwhelming, resulting in costly delays and lost opportunities. 

In addition to project management, Market Ready serves as a central place to store all registration and label compliance data, including all COLAs, brands, registrations, distributors, territories, licenses and approval statuses which means no more assorted paper files and file cabinets to organize. Market Ready minimizes spent on compliance by making everything transparent so you don’t have to be constantly checking the status of submissions or reports. 

Market Ready helps with:

What is the best option for your business?

The 3-Tier solution is great for businesses that are looking to streamline their reporting and license management processes. If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution to handle registrations—three-tier and DtC—alongside getting products to market more efficiently and gaining market insights, our Market Ready solution is for you. 


If you’re interested in adding three-tier reporting to your DtC compliance efforts or would like more information, please request a demo today.