BevAlc Roundup | New York Goes “PRO,” Successfully Managing DtC Sales Over the Holidays, and Winemaking in a Dry Climate

Alex Koral | September 30, 2019

Fall has officially set in here in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning that it’s also officially the busy (well, busier) season for the beverage alcohol industry. While harvests are winding to a close, that just means hectic weeks and months of processing grapes, hops, and other agricultural products lie ahead. And the holiday shopping season is just about to heat up, meaning lots and lots of DtC purchases to fulfill (read our guide on successfully navigating this busy season, linked below). So we hope you can find the time to enjoy the Roundup.

This week, we look at upcoming new rules in California for alcohol servers that could impose heavy burdens on retail operations; also, the Brewers Association released its 2018 report on craft beer’s economic impact; and why can’t American wine breakthrough in Europe?

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Thanks for reading the Roundup this week. As ever, be sure to check out the rest of the ShipCompliant by Sovos blog for regular updates, and we’ll see you again in another couple of weeks.

Regulatory News and Discussions

TTB Newsletter | This week’s top news includes information about conditionally approved COLAs, a chemist vacancy announcement for our National Laboratory, and a notification that TTB’s online systems will not be available this weekend. TTB

A New State Goes “PRO” | The New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA) has chosen to partner with ShipCompliant by Sovos to enable the PRO system to expedite alcohol product registrations online. ShipCompliant by Sovos

Despite Trade War Tensions, Napa’s Vintners are in the Export Business for the Long Run | Much of American agriculture – Napa’s wine industry included – has felt the impact of the ongoing trade war between the United States and China. Napa Valley Register

Learning From Recent Trademark Cases | Recent cases offer lessons for brewers navigating the often-tricky obstacles surrounding the selection, use and enforcement of trademarks. Alcohol Law Advisor

Responsible Beverage Service Act Proposed ABC Rules 160 to 173 — Why the Rush? | A proposal is in the works to create a massive ABC bureaucracy collecting personal data on every person in California who works in the alcohol sector of the hospitality industry. Booze Rules

TTB’s New AVA Map Explorer | New feature released by the TTB: Use the American Viticultural Area (AVA) Map Explorer to view the boundaries of all established and proposed AVAs. TTB

Industry Updates: Market Conditions and Developments

How to Ensure a Successful Shipping Season When Selling Wine DtC | It is estimated that a full 60% of all DtC wine shipments are sent out between mid-September and December. Copper Peak Logistics & ShipCompliant by Sovos

The SVB Survey Is Now Open | That survey is open now and remains open through October 22. Survey participants will get access to the complete raw anonymized results, top-level analysis, and relevant charts that you can use to benchmark your own progress against your peers. SVB on Wine

Brewers Association Releases 2018 Economic Impact Report | Craft brewing industry contributed $79.1 billion to the U.S. economy, responsible for 559,545 jobs. Brewers Association

NBWA Annual Convention: Boston Beer’s Jim Koch on How to Grow the Beer Category | Beer, by Koch’s definition, though, doesn’t stop at traditional suds, but includes anything made at a brewery, sold to a beer wholesaler and passed through beer retailers. Brewbound

Gen X Holds More Potential in Alcohol Than Millennials |  Most food and beverage categories direct their marketing strategy toward millennials and the upcoming Gen Z generations, largely disregarding everyone older than 40. Experts say it’s the wrong move. Beverage Daily

Dan Berger, On Wine: The Imminent Glut | The California industry is facing a major wine surplus. Napa Valley Register


US Wine Still Seeking Respect in Europe | The snobbery with which many Europeans view US wines is proving stubbornly resistant to change.

Wine & Milk in Decline Due to Changing Science | The story of milk’s decline is reminiscent of wine, which has gone from being part of a healthy lifestyle under USDA guidelines to now being viewed as unhealthy and like red meat, linked to very slight increases in some cancers in studies. SVB on Wine

The Future of Wine: Very, Very Dry | Scientists are testing techniques for growing vines in a hot, parched future. New York Times

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