4 Reasons We’re Excited for the 2019 Great American Beer Festival

Sovos | September 25, 2019

The 2019 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is quickly approaching, and we’re trying to wait patiently. This festival is a great opportunity for breweries, craft brewers and beer enthusiasts alike to come together, network and discover what’s new in the craft beer scene. The GABF will be hosted October 3-5 in Denver, Colorado. 

What we’re looking forward to the most at this year’s GABF…

A week packed full of events

Denver Beer Week is September 27 to October 5, and while the GABF doesn’t start until Thursday the 3rd, you can find the first kickoff party on Monday the 30th. It will be a whole week of beer tasting and socializing in the orbit of GABF. Most of the week is filled with a variety of activities including, dinners, kickoff parties, special release, pre-games, and tastings.

ShipCompliant by Sovos is co-sponsoring the 3rd Annual Great American Pre-Gate Thursday, October 3 and Friday, October 4 from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. each day. The GABF Pre-Gate takes place across the street from the GABF brewers’ entrance, in the parking lot at Stout & 14th Street. Come join us for free food, beer, games and some good times while you meet other fellow brewers before heading in among the great masses at the convention center. (Requires a GABF badge for entry.)

The beer competitions

There is plenty of opportunity to embrace your competitive side at this year’s GABF, including the main GABF Beer Competition, Pro-Am Competition, and the Collaboration Competition. 

With opportunities for participants to sample some of the beers being entered in the competition, it’s a fun way to try new brews and judge them for yourself. And if you’re one of the breweries entered in any of the competitions, we wish you the best of luck!  

Catching up with old friends and meeting new ones

The Great American Beer Festival is a perfect place to reconnect with old and new industry friends, network with some of the industry suppliers, and for brewers and breweries to connect with their fans and enthusiasts. 

This is one of the most highly-anticipated craft beer events of the year. Take advantage by making new industry connections and reconnecting with your network.

And finally, the beer! 

There will be tons of beer to try. Whether you’re on a mission to sample all the hazy IPAs or you’re more of a general connoisseur, there’ll be something to try and love at GABF. 

This annual event is a great place for brewers to spark their imagination and be inspired by new notes, flavors and trends while getting their own beers in the hands of a new and appreciative audience.

Happy beer tasting!

Come check us out at the GABF Pre-Gate Oct. 3-4, or request a demo to learn more about how we help breweries grow and expand compliantly.