A New State Goes “PRO”

Sovos | September 19, 2019

ShipCompliant by Sovos announced on September 19 the newest member of the Product Registration Online (PRO) network, New York. The New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA) has chosen to partner with PRO to expedite alcohol product registrations online. This solution will digitize registrations and renewals for NYSLA through PRO’s online submission and approval system for the sale of beer, wine and spirits. This new partnership will have a significant positive effect on time and efficiency for NYSLA and the businesses it interacts with.

New York joins 11 other states using PRO’s online platform to electronically manage and simplify their registration process.

Importance of a timely and cost efficient process for getting products to market

NYSLA currently manages more than 39,000 active brands, making it one of the largest state liquor and alcohol regulatory agencies in the nation. With this new partnership and adopted online platform, brand registration processing time is expected to be cut down and streamlined drastically, with a submissions wait time of just weeks to a matter of hours. 

ShipCompliant is always looking for ways to help the beverage alcohol industry grow, be innovative, and maintain a competitive edge. Getting products to market quickly by staying ahead of the trends and other competitors is crucial for businesses in this increasingly crowded market. PRO is a solution to do just that. Through its online, fully automated brand label registration and renewal process that integrates directly with the TTB, manufacturers and wholesalers can more easily fill out the necessary submission information for NYSLA while the state receives cleaner and compliant data. 

“Our hope with this expansion into New York is to help a whole new set of manufacturers, wholesalers and importers to see the value in utilizing an e-file solution, including the cost savings associated with mailing packages and checks for submissions as well as time savings in receiving prompted, step-by-step submission assistance. We’re also pleased to be helping NYSLA recoup time spent reviewing large paper packets and to provide a better database for historical and new brand registrations,” said Curry Wilson, technology partner manager at ShipCompliant by Sovos. 

Want to go PRO?

PRO not only helps states manage their registrations electronically, but also enables individual businesses get a handle on their registration, renewal and approval processes for new products. 

PRO helps businesses streamline and simplify the process of bringing new beer, wine or spirits products to the market. It helps eliminate the large amount of time-consuming and complex paperwork needed to register products in each particular state. PRO puts an end to spending hours calling agencies and researching a state’s requirements, printing and mailing out hundreds of costly and wasteful paper forms, and waiting weeks or even months to receive a notification of approval or even worse, rejection due to an error.

ShipCompliant’s cloud-based platform helps businesses cut down registration time, and secure approvals quickly saving a lot of frustration. It preemptively prompts the user for all the information required like state licenses, product details, and distributors and supporting documents. PRO has direct integration with the federal government as well as state systems, now including New York, to allow quick, easy and compliant submissions. It provides users the opportunity to quickly fix issues to speed up the approval process from months to days or even hours.

The future of PRO states and online product registration

Currently, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and now New York are states available for PRO label submissions.

We at ShipCompliant are committed to continuing to expand the PRO network and as a result, help states receive cleaner data and help the industry by having a standard format for brand label submissions, cutting down on the likelihood of data entry errors. When the list of available PRO states grows we are excited to see the positive effects it has on businesses and state agencies alike.

To learn more about how PRO can help your business, or if you’re a state interested in switching to managing your registrations electronically request a demo today.