ShipCompliant expands product offerings with License Management and Delivery Experience

Sovos | September 17, 2019

ShipCompliant announces two product offerings, License Management and Delivery Experience, the latter as a newly unbundled tool. We’ve incorporated customer feedback in developing these standalone solutions—creating more options to cater to emerging and growing organizations of all sizes and budgets.

License Management helps beverage alcohol companies keep track of state licensing requirements and upcoming deadlines by providing visibility into everything needed to obtain and maintain beverage alcohol licenses. Delivery Experience helps wineries extend excellent customer service during the shipping process, provides greater control over shipments and analyzes the fulfillment process to improve delivery rates. Read on for more details.

Organize license data and never get caught with an expired license with License Management

When starting or expanding your business it can be confusing and complex trying to understand where to get licensed, how to maintain licenses, and keeping track of those licenses. Not knowing where to find the correct information, searching websites and calling into state agencies, and trying to keep up with timelines and requirements that vary state by state can begin to eat up a lot of your time — time that could be better spent on revenue generating activities.

ShipCompliant’s License Management tool can help wineries, breweries, and distilleries stay up to date on state requirements and access forms, ensure they have all the information when considering expansion into new states, and make sure renewals are submitted on time to avoid delays, late fees and any lapses that could negatively impact sales.

ShipCompliant License Management offers:

If you’re a beverage alcohol company starting your business or interested in growing your company compliantly, request a demo of License Management today and see how it can streamline and simplify your entire licensing process. 

Exceed customer delivery expectations by extending the white glove treatment to wine shipping with Delivery Experience

Creating a great customer experience throughout the heavily regulated and increasingly complex wine shipping process can be difficult. Often times the customer experience can feel out of a winery’s control once it leaves their warehouse. Exceeding customer expectations of  low cost, fast, and highly visible deliveries can be hard to attain in the extensively regulated direct-to-consumer (DtC) landscape.

The Delivery Experience tool, previously only available as a bundled product, can help wineries of all sizes ship DtC compliantly, while meeting high delivery expectations. This solution gives customers greater control at shipment stages and wineries the ability to analyze the fulfillment process to improve future delivery rates.

ShipCompliant Delivery Experience assists with:

If you’re a winery looking to exceed customer delivery expectations and gain control over the shipping process, request a demo of Delivery Experience. 

Also, check out our blog post further exploring customer expectations, and our recent webinar discussing some best practices for DtC shipping during this busy season. 


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