DtC Wine Shipping: Gain Control to Ensure Exceptional Delivery Experience

Delaney McDonald | August 14, 2019

Customer satisfaction and retention is important to any business. If customers don’t have an excellent experience or their expectations aren’t met, they may turn to one of the many other options available. This applies to wineries as well. If consumers have an unsatisfactory delivery experience when ordering wine direct-to-consumer, they’re likely to order from somewhere else in the future.

This is why wineries should strive to keep up with delivery expectations that have been set by companies like Amazon, Stitch Fix and Blue Apron. This can oftentimes be difficult due to the complex and highly regulated DtC wine shipping channel. Taking into account how the unique circumstances surrounding DtC wine shipping can influence the customer experience can help shippers assess how to optimize their own shipping outcomes and satisfaction.

Ecommerce growth and increasingly high delivery expectations

With the growing popularity of subscription packages and delivery apps, along with Amazon’s two day shipping and a rise in mobile ecommerce, it’s important to stay aligned with consumers’ evolving shipping and delivery expectations. According to Oberlo, ecommerce sales are expected to account for 13.7 percent of retail sales worldwide in 2019. 

With this number expected to grow yearly, considering your potential online customers and their delivery expectations is crucial. Oberlo also reports 80 percent of people who stop doing business with a company walk away because of poor customer experience. Making the delivery experience exemplary is a key factor in satisfying and retaining customers.

Growing DtC wine shipping channel

Customers already have high standards when it comes to home delivery experience, and shipping wine can add some additional complexities to the process. With requirements and regulations changing state-by-state, staying compliant while satisfying the customer can be difficult. 

According to ShipCompliant’s DtC Wine Shipping Report, the DtC wine shipping channel will continue its organic growth with new states opening up their borders to DtC wine shipping. Having a process and solution that grows with you and gives you the data needed to analyze fulfillments and shipments can be paramount to the success of your delivery rate.

Fortunately there are a number of steps wineries can take to ensure they delight and retain customers via a good delivery experience. They include centralizing the shipping process and data, increasing customer control and convenience, and continuously exceeding the delivery experience. 

A variety of options to increase customer convenience

Successfully delivering wine to customers on the first attempt is critical to a positive delivery experience. Giving customers more options and control of their shipment can increase the likelihood of satisfaction and, in turn, lead to customer loyalty. 

Offering a variety of shipment options, such as self-service re-routing to carrier locations like FedEx Hold-at-Locations (HAL), gives customers options to best suit their convenience. As a winery, sending personalized package tracking details at key shipment milestones and communicating any potential delivery issues can satisfy an engaged customer. 

Centralize process and exceed delivery expectations

Centralized processes can greatly improve a winery’s entire operation, including the delivery experience. With ShipCompliant Delivery Experience, you have visibility into all package statuses in a central place, automatic customer emails at key shipment milestones, and data to help you be proactive with customers — leading to improved customer satisfaction. 

The cloud-based solution helps analyze and identify any shipment issues, and assists in proactively reaching out to customers and re-routing failed delivery attempts. Minimizing returns and improving fulfillment performance with an analysis of your data can help create a first-class experience for your customers — from order to delivery. 

Learn more about ShipCompliant’s Delivery Experience solution today.