BevAlc Roundup | California to Increase Licensing Fees, Wine Economic Trends, and Improve Your Wine Descriptions

Alex Koral | July 23, 2019

Now that it’s the middle of July, we can definitively say—it is hot out! Seemingly everywhere in the U.S. has been reporting record temperatures with little respite when the sun goes down. Wherever you are—whether out tending to grapevines or in an office—we hope you’re staying cool and well hydrated. (I think we can all be jealous of anyone who gets to spend lots of time in a cellar or cave tending the barrels!) Maybe you can find something to chill over with this week’s Roundup.

In this edition, we showcase a few changes being implemented by the TTB to ease your regulatory burden, and we review the latest reactions to last month’s Supreme Court decision in Tennessee Wines; we have tips on how to prevent churn in your wine club lists; and we look at what is going on with wine-beer hybrids and which are worth your time sampling.

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Thanks for reading the Roundup this week. As ever, be sure to check out the rest of the ShipCompliant by Sovos blog for regular updates, and we’ll see you again in another couple of weeks.

Regulatory News and Discussions

TTB Newsletter | This week’s top news includes the establishment of the Crest of the Blue Ridge Henderson County AVA, information about a webinar on malt beverage formulas, how to register for our last TTB Trade Practice Seminar, and news that we recently certified 160 new individuals in our Chemist Certification Program. TTB

TTB Eases Rules For Making Changes to COLA Applications | The federal Trade and Tax Bureau (TTB) recently announced that it will enable a new “Conditionally Approved” status for Certifications of Label Approval applications. ShipCompliant

TTB Announces Real and Potential Regulatory Relief | During a week when most of us were busy with hot dogs and fireworks, the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) issued two announcements that could prove to bring real benefit to the beverage alcohol industry. ShipCompliant

Implications of the Supreme Court’s Tennessee Retailers Decision | The big question on the minds of many is whether future courts will strike down laws prohibiting out-of-state retailers and wholesalers from exercising the same rights and privileges granted to in-state retailers and wholesalers. Alcohol Law Advisor

More Lawsuits Follow Supreme Court Decision | Four new cases have been filed in an effort to open up interstate shipping for American wine lovers.

CA ABC Licensing Fee Increases & Program Improvements | The California Budget Act of 2019 includes a multi-year plan to strengthen and modernize the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. California ABC

New California Online Privacy Law Threatens Small Wineries, Says One Vintner | When it comes to the onerous task of figuring out compliance, the law recognizes no difference between large technology companies and small wineries. Forbes

Industry Updates: Market Conditions and Developments

Wine Sales Up, Winery Hiring Down and Packaging Sales Trends | Steady growth in U.S. wine sales continued through June but shifts in the industry were evident in the kinds of packaging consumers are choosing and an ongoing moderation in hiring activity. Wine Business

How to Stop Losing Half Your New Winery Club Members in First 15 Months | Churn may make great ice cream and butter, but churn in winery club membership can sour a significant source of sales for many North Coast wineries. North Bay Business Journal

Consumers Are Drinking Less Wine. That’s Good For Wine Business, In Unexpected Ways | The wine industry could afford to take a new tack, which brings us to the counter-intuitive strategy of advocating for drinking less wine as a positive move forward. Forbes

When Will California Become Too Hot to Grow Wine Grapes? | Will climate change make some California regions unsuitable for fine wine grapes within our lifetime? San Francisco Chronicle

How to Build a Brand: Patience and Message Consistency Matter | Marketing campaigns in the wine industry typically include photos of beautiful wineries and discussions on terroir, vineyards and family history. Wine Business


What Are “Oenobeers” And Which Ones Should You Try? | To create one of these brews, you take the must or juice of wine grapes and add that to malts of barley, wheat, or some combination therein. Uproxx

15 Helpful Words For Talking About Wine | Here is a practical lexicon that helps to describe the elusive characteristics of wine, without eliciting eye rolls and forehead slaps. New York Times

Horror Stories Brewers Lived to Tell | From lost batches to near-death experiences, brewers spill their most outrageous behind-the-scenes stories. SevenFifty Daily


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