ShipCompliant Announces Carrier Compliance Portal with FedEx

Karen Jackson | May 22, 2019

ShipCompliant by Sovos is excited to announce our Carrier Compliance Portal, which enables wineries and retailers to share their state license data with FedEx.

“This major milestone in DtC wine shipping is evidence of ShipCompliant’s commitment to work with our industry partners and state regulatory agencies to ensure the ongoing success of this important distribution channel,” said Larry Cormier, vice president and general manager of ShipCompliant. “From the very beginning, we have had one goal: to remove compliance barriers for our customers so they can focus on growing their businesses.”

The wine industry has been under increased scrutiny from states. Businesses must comply with complex state-by-state regulations in order to bring products to market, distribute to customers and grow. ShipCompliant by Sovos stays on top of all the regulations businesses are up against and provides easy-to-use solutions that companies can use to remain compliant.

Changes in the industry

States are increasing their scrutiny over the direct-to-consumer (DtC) wine shipping channel. More states are requiring reporting by carriers and fulfillment houses to cross-reference incoming shipments with license status of the winery and retailer. As a result, carriers now require copies of DTC permits and licenses in each state to ensure their own compliance with state rules.

Our commitment to DtC growth

ShipCompliant is committed to protecting the DtC channel. By proving to states that wineries and retailers are compliantly shipping, we are confident that states will continue to allow businesses to grow.

The benefits

FedEx recognized there is a quicker way to accomplish the data inputs and analysis needed to effectively review license status. ShipCompliant has built the Carrier Compliance Portal for DtC permit sharing with FedEx.

By using the Carrier Compliance Portal, wineries or retailers shipping wine DtC can go online at any time to input state permits and update existing effective dates. This information is then automatically updated to FedEx, so there is no lag time in delivery of shipments due to license expiration. Businesses can then easily ship via the FedEx channel despite any DtC permit requirements, since data is shared automatically after input into the license portal.

Find more information about the Carrier Compliance Portal here, or learn more about ShipCompliant by checking out our free guide to DTC wine shipping.