Roundup: Oklahoma Distribution, Black Wine Consumers, Climate Change

Daniel Kostrzewa | April 29, 2019

Oklahoma Distribution Laws Get Contentious, Why Doesn’t The Wine Industry Pursue Black Consumers?, and Climate Change and Wine

During this last couple weeks, there came and went the dubious — or at least psuedo — holiday of 4/20, a day based around consuming cannabis (thankfully, alcohol still has almost every other holiday claimed for its consumption). As such, it was likely no surprise in the number of articles we saw talking about pot’s burgeoning legalization and what that means for other industries — in particular the beverage alcohol industry. (Not that there hasn’t already been a lot said about that, from chicken little claims that the sky is falling to more mellowed relaxed comments that there’s plenty to pass around.)

To highlight these articles, we have selected three in particular that caught our attention, set out in a special section below. But there was lots of other news that came out as well, so in addition to Getting Into the Weeds, this week we look at how vague trade practice rules set out in the 1930s and 1980s are stifling growth today, also, ways for wineries to better engage with their customers online and spike e-sales, and what it takes to be a standout judge of whiskey.

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Thanks for reading the Roundup this week. As ever, be sure to check out the rest of the ShipCompliant blog for regular updates, and we’ll see you again in another couple of weeks.

Regulatory News and Discussions

TTB Newsletter | This week’s top news includes the publication of our “TTB Bootcamp for Brewers” presentation given at the Craft Brewers Conference, information about which file types are compatible with Permits Online, and a TTB auditor job announcement. TTB

Is a 1935 Alcohol Beverage Federal Trade Practice Law Stifling Innovation? | Congress’ aim to prevent the recurrence of the “social evils” that led to Prohibition is the centerpiece of the unfair trade practice provisions of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act of 1935. Booze Rules

Tariffs Fomenting Turmoil in World Wine Markets | California is on the front lines of President Donald Trump’s unwise trade wars, and the wine industry is under fire. The Press Democrat

Are Crafts Looking to Kill the Pubs in Illinois? | There is a theory out there, that is actually backed up by statistics, that the presence of craft brewers is hurting bars and taverns. Irish Liquor Lawyer

Willamette Valley Wine Purity Bills Pass Oregon Senate | Two bills to raise the varietal and regional content standards for Willamette Valley wines passed the Oregon Senate on Wednesday, and now move to the House. Portland Business Journal

Duopoly or Pro-Business? Shots Taken In Oklahoma Liquor Distribution Fight | The difference between “shall” and “may” in one portion of Oklahoma’s new alcohol laws has left liquor stores, a locally owned wholesaler and some legislators pushing to break up what they call a duopoly in the liquor distribution market. NonDoc

Industry Updates: Market Conditions and Developments

Why Is the Wine Industry Ignoring Black Americans’ $1.2 Trillion Buying Power? | You see, apparently, black people know very little about wine. It’s a novelty for us, and when we do drink it, the sweeter the better. VinePair

Why Breweries Are Turning to Small-Format Cans | The opportunity to reach new customers is just one factor attracting brewers to the eight-ounce can. SevenFifty Daily

Amazon Wine 3.0: Is the Online Retail Giant Getting Back in the Wine Business? | Amazon has twice given up selling wine over the past decade, perhaps the two most notable flops in the e-commerce giant’s history. But it looks like the company may be getting ready to try again – call it Amazon wine 3.0. Wine Curmudgeon

Gallo Deals Are the Gifts That Keep on Giving for Premium Wine | The premium branded wine market can do with all the help it can get which is what makes E&J Gallo’s acquisition strategy potentially so important, not just for itself, but for the overall wine industry. The Buyer

How a Digital Negociant Helped Change the U.S. Wine World | The combination of greater DtC potential and digital commerce, when combined with a French ‘negociant’ model, led to surprising success for a California company. Forbes

Are You Selling Enough Wine Online? | Could it be that U.S. wineries are not reaching out to consumers via digital marketing the way companies in other consumer products industries are?

Getting Into the Weeds

What Does the Wine Industry Have to Learn from the Cannabis Industry? | Just as the burgeoning cannabis industry followed lessons from the wine industry as it has worked to establish its legitimacy, wine can learn from cannabis in connecting with consumers. Fermentation

Why Weed and Wine Have More in Common Than You Think | We want people to think of cannabis in the same way they think of wine, as a gourmet product. Wine Enthusiast

How to Succeed In Wine and Weed: The Herb Somm Tells Her Story | While some in the industry are attempting to sway consumers back towards wine, other brands and corporations are investing in marijuana as a way to diversify their holdings. Forbes


Thinking Outside the Wine Box about Climate Change & the Future of Wine | Miguel Torres recently warned that the wine industry is not doing enough to fight climate change and there is no doubt that he is right. The Wine Economist

The Future Is Bright For Texas Wine | An emerging wine region on the cusp of something great. Wine Spectator

The Fine Art of Being a Whiskey Judge | A lot of blood, sweat, and tears goes into honing one’s craft; in this case, spirits. The Whiskey Wash