BevAlc Roundup | Handling Prop 65 Notices, the Fastest Growing Breweries, and What Makes it “Tennessee” Whiskey?

Daniel Kostrzewa | April 2, 2019

It might seem like a joke, but it’s April already! No matter how much it may feel like 2019 is zipping past, though, we still appreciate taking the time to look around and catch up on everything that’s going on to affect the beverage alcohol industry. For that, we provide the Roundup.

This week we look at different ways that states are adjusting their rules for shipping wine and how compliance needs to be managed in these states; we also take an extended look at wine marketing and how to address the desires and expectations that different generations bring to wine; and finally, we have a report of an April Fool’s Joke concerning some pretty terrible whiskey.

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Thanks for reading the Roundup this week. As ever, be sure to check out the rest of the ShipCompliant blog for regular updates, and we’ll see you again in another couple weeks.

Regulatory News and Discussions

TTB Newsletter | This week’s top news includes a new FAQ about ice cream and other frozen products made with distilled spirits, what’s new in Permits Online, and a reminder to register for one of our free trade practice seminars. TTB

New Mexico, Kentucky and FedEx Juggle How to Handle Wine Shipping | While the wine industry awaits a Supreme Court decision (scheduled for this June) in connection with an alcohol retailer residency law in Tennessee that some believe may open interstate wine shipping for retailers, three developments on the wine-shipping subject recently took place. Forbes

The Million Dollar Question for Wine Shipping | A recent Mississippi legal decision created the potentially million-dollar question for wine shipping: where does the sale of wine occur? Irish Liquor Lawyer

Winery Asks New Jerseyans to Free the Grapes. Let Them Ship Wine to the Garden State | New Jersey law severely and arbitrarily limits which wines consumers can get direct-shipped from the winery to their home or office, a West Coast winery says.

Tariffs Hit American Whiskey Business Hard | Producers are struggling to battle off lost profits from reduced export sales, which ironically could also mean raised prices at home, too. Barron’s

Prop 65 — Escaping a “Notice of Violation” | Every business — wherever located — that sells or ships a product with a chemical on the Proposition 65 list (over 1,000) to a California resident, must comply with the mandatory warnings. Booze Rules

Industry Updates: Market Conditions and Developments

How Can Wineries Reach Millennials? Personal Experience & Shipping Convenience | By extending the tasting room experience online, connecting with younger consumers directly and offering them greater convenience and exclusivity, wineries can forge lasting brands fit for this growing market. Wine Industry Advisor

The Truth About Wine Shipping and Michigan | A recent story run by a few Michigan TV stations reported the claim by the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association that 185,408 bottles of wine were illegally shipped into the state of Michigan in the last quarter of 2018. NAWR

These Are the Fastest-Growing Breweries in America, According to the Brewers Association | An Iowa craft brewery topped the Brewers Association’s (BA) list of the 50 fastest-growing breweries of 2018, but it wasn’t Toppling Goliath. Brewbound

I Can’t Take the Lunacy! | In the 2019 SVB State of the Industry Report I pointed out some changes we as a wine industry are facing, including the lack of engagement by our younger consumers which I attribute in part to the cumulative negative health messaging coming from neo-prohibitionists. SVB on Wine

Saving Wine From the Sober Generation | If you thought the millennials were hard to please, wait until you see what’s coming after them.


The Worst #@*$ Whisky I’ve Ever Tasted! | This is the story of that whisky, and how I came to taste it in a prank worthy of an April Fool’s joke. Whisky Cast

The West Coast Wine Revolution | Producers make their wine in a funky shed, far from the tourist temples of Napa Valley. Financial Times

Tennessee Whiskey and the Question of Calling it a Bourbon | Tennessee whiskey is a style of whiskey that, like most whiskey styles in the U.S., has to follow some strict rules in order to use its moniker. The Whiskey Wash

6 Descriptors Beer Professionals Avoid | Hoppy, light, and funky are among the vague terms beer purveyors swap out to help customers find desired flavors and styles. SevenFifty Daily

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