TTB Closes Operations Amid Government Shutdown

Daniel Kostrzewa | December 21, 2018

The federal government has shut down after Congress was unable to pass a bill providing for funding for federal agencies. This has come about as a result of President Trump refusing to accept a bill — even a stop-gap measure providing temporary funding — that does not provide funding for his planned border wall with Mexico.

This shutdown means that all non-essential government services will be halted for the time being, which also affects the Trade and Tax Bureau (TTB).

While not all TTB activity will be halted — filing of tax remittances and operational reports will continue online — many key services the agency provides for the beverage alcohol industry are set for a temporary stop. These services include COLAs Online, Formulas Online and Permits Online. Thus, anyone hoping to submit a COLA, formula or permit application during the shutdown will find their efforts stymied.

During this time, ShipCompliant users may continue to use our COLA submission tool to prepare COLA applications; once entered in your ShipCompliant account, your application will be saved and queued to submit as soon as the TTB resumes normal functions.

All other state government-related support provided by ShipCompliant (e.g., tax filings, product registrations, LabelVision) will continue to operate as normal.

We hope the impasse affecting the federal budget process will soon be resolved — and that the President’s threats of a “very long” shutdown are just empty words — so that the TTB (but also all other government employees) can return to work and continue to provide the services the beverage alcohol industry requires as a matter of law to operate.

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