ShipCompliant Introduces New Wine Distribution Compliance Resource

Luis Barriga | December 17, 2018

Producing quality wine is complicated and intricate, but selling and distributing that wine in an industry rife with complex government regulations can present an even more substantial challenge. Each new state you expand into will have its own unique regulations, licensing requirements, excise tax rates, and other compliance obligations you will need to fulfill before you gain approval to distribute there. While some states will have similar standards and rules, no two are identical.

You may know your home state’s laws like the back of your hand, and you may be on top of the differences between all your varietals. But when attempting to enter a new state with complex and complicated rules – like Oregon or New York – it can be tricky to pin down exactly what the state is asking of you.

Enter the new ShipCompliant by Sovos Winery Distribution Rules tool. Our team compiled rules, rates, and other pertinent information for each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. under the following buckets: Licensing, registrations, distribution process, and filings.

Some states do not have certain components – for example, California does not require local wineries to have a license to sell their products within the state – but all have intricacies that require close inspection before you attempt to distribute your products. Expanding your winery’s distribution is a necessary aspect of growing your brand, but it can be complicated and at times lacks clarity. Even the “easy” states can have particularities – using California as an example again, the state prohibits would-be distributors from sending more than 1 liter of samples per brand to retailers, and that retailer cannot have purchased the brand in the past.

Wine distribution is a minefield of regulations, but you can successfully navigate it with the ShipCompliant Winery Distribution Rules resource.


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