BevAlc Roundup | TTB Crackdown on Consignment Sales, Whither American Whiskey, and the Six Types of American Wine Drinkers

Daniel Kostrzewa | November 26, 2018

The holiday season can so often end up filled with chaos and stress that it distracts from the reasons we value this time of year — as a chance to reflect on those we love and care about and everything that brings us joy. And so, as we prepare for a period of busy sales and hectic shipping, we at ShipCompliant by Sovos want to extend our deepest gratitude to our clients, our partners, our friends who all together strive everyday to make each other’s lives better and further this wonderful industry we share. Thank you all so much, and we hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday!

For this week’s Roundup we look at the Amicus briefs filed before the Supreme Court in favor of the position of the Tennessee Wine and Spirit Retailer’s Association — this will surely capture a lot of attention in the months ahead; if you are an interested party, look around for ways you can get your voice in front of the Court. Speaking of which, this week’s Roundup also has a report on a citizen’s action to file an Amicus, which anyone in favor of expanding the consumer’s interests can subscribe to. We then look at some end-of-year reports for the wine and beer markets, see how tariffs are affecting the bourbon industry, and take a more nuanced look at what trade and market forces actually affect sales of U.S. wine in France.

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Regulatory News and Discussions

TTB Newsletter | This special edition of the TTB Newsletter announces that we have published rulemaking designed to significantly update and improve the alcohol advertising and label regulations, which is a part of our strategic goal to modernize our labeling program. TTB

Fourteen Briefs Filed in Support of Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association’s Appeal to the Supreme Court | These parties both supported the positions of the Tennessee Retailers, and offered other perspectives to paint a more complete story for the Supreme Court’s consideration. Alcohol Law Review

Wine Consumers to Fund Supreme Court Brief on Wine Shipping Case | A GoFundMe Campaign has been launched that gives wine consumer across the country the opportunity to help fund a “Friend of the Court” Amicus brief in the upcoming Byrd v. Tennessee Supreme Court case. Wine Industry Advisor

TTB Imposes One-Day Suspensions on Napa Valley Wine Companies Over ALleged Illegal Consignment Sales | The suspension of the winery and three other wine companies stems from a joint operation TTP conducted with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in March. Wine Business

California Winer to Change Labels for Oregon Brands | A Napa Valley winery at the center of a labeling dispute in Oregon has agreed to put new labels on two brands of Oregon Pinot noir, including Elouan and The Willametter Journal. Capital Press

Wineries Run Afoul of Obscure Law | An arcane part of the Americans with Disabilities Act is causing headaches for some producers.

New U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal Could Open up B.C. Grocery Stornes to Washington Wine Sales | Washington winemakers have chafed for years over the unequal treatment their bottles receive in grocery stores in British Columbia. Spokesman


Industry Updates: Market Conditions and Developments

2018 U.S. Wine Sales Are Up, Especially Red Wine Shipped Direct | The U.S. wine market is both up and in the red — red wine, that is. Forbes

As US Beer Shipments Decline, Off-Premise Sales Remain Flat | Shipments of domestically brewed beer are down about 2.9 percent, according to the Beer Institute, but year-to-date volume sales at off-premise retailers are still basically flat. Brewbound

Craft Bourbon Craze Is Over in Europe Thanks to 25% Import Tax | Europe had been blossoming as a source of new revenue — but this market has been effectively cut off for producers that lack the clout or brand recognition of titans like Brown-Forman Corp. and Diageo Plc. Bloomberg

Planning for the Future of American Whiskey | Distillers discuss strategies for keeping up with market demand, forecasting sales, and driving growth. SevenFifty Daily

Sustainability Produces Good Small Winery Financial Performance, Says a Recent Study | Reported last month in Science Daily, a comprehensive study that stretched from the U.S. to Europe points to financial success when small-to-medium-sized (SME) wineries follow sustainable viticultural and winemaking practices. Forbes



Trump’s Right — It’s Harder to Sell U.S. Wine in France. Tarifs Aren’t the Whole Story | “American makes some good wines, but we have everything we need here in France.” Bloomberg

US Wine Drinkers Defined in Six Segments | US drinkers are changing their behaviour towards the wine category, the US Portraits 2018 from Wine Intelligence has revealed. Harpers

Is Less Really More for Wine Labels? | Wine labels have a habit of being dense and over-complicated.

Cocktails At Kroger? Why Supermarket Bars Are Going National | Shopping drives most of us to drink, it seems; and savvy grocery chains figure they might as well capture those dollars by turning supermarkets into destinations for excellent craft beer and wine. VinePair


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