BevAlc Roundup | A DtC Initiative in New Jersey, Brewers Say They’re Preparing for Climate Change, and New Grape Varieties Found in Chile

Daniel Kostrzewa | October 29, 2018

Happy Halloween! We hope that everyone celebrates the fall season — the colorful leaves, the harvest, the night of spooks and treats — festively and safely. While you’re at it, why not also celebrate with the Roundup?

This week we report on a tax change occuring in Colorado that may affect wineries shipping DtC into the state. We then look at all the nuances for suppliers to be aware of when setting up in a state with franchise laws, a new career survey of industry members points out areas for change, and a new story reports on the missing story behind the Judgment of Paris.

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Regulatory News and Discussions

TTB Newsletter | Top stories includes the publication of our latest strategic plan, a reminder for breweries that use wine or spirits barrels for aging beer, an announcement about our next malt beverage formula webinar, and three recent field enforcement actions.. TTB

Colorado Announces New Rules For Remote Sellers That Could Affect DtC Wineries | Colorado, recently announced that it will soon begin requiring out-of-state sellers to start collecting and remitting sales tax on their sales to Colorado residents. ShipCompliant by Sovos

A Bridge Too Far For Granholm? Florida Importer Challenges California Three-Tier System | A Florida-based wine importer is hoping to shake up the California three-tier system. DPF-Law

How to Do Business in a Franchise State | A drinks lawyer explains how franchise law works and how suppliers can protect their businesses. SevenFifty Daily

“Frees the Grapes,” Campaign Launches to Give New Jersey Wine Consumers Freedom of Choice | Current shipping restrictions limit New Jersey residents’ access to only 4% of wineries nationwide. Insider NJ


Industry Updates: Market Conditions and Developments

Industry Leaders Weigh in on the State of the Drinks Business | New Career & Salary Survey Report has the industry talking about the future — and opportunities for change. SevenFifty Daily

U.S. Wine Sales Led by Value Increases | Sonoma overtakes Napa in DtC shipment volume as total DtC grows 14%. Wines&Vines

Bye-Bye, Beer? Brewers Say They’ve Got a Plan on Climate Change | Research published this week predicting that beer prices could double as rising global temperatures and more volatile weather cause shortages of barley created a big splash. NPR

Wine Supply is Hitting a Tipping Point | At some point as demand in volume flattens while bearing acres increase, we should expect to see a change in grape buying patterns from wineries and ensuing price changes depending on the specific region and variety. SVB on Wine



The Hidden Figures Behind the Judgment of Paris | Many retellings of California wine’s most popular myth omit the women who made the Judgment of Paris happen. SF Chronicle

World’s Most Consumer Liquor Tries to Make It in the U.S. | A distiller of baijui, whose sales in China exceed the global sales of vodka, seeks to expand the high-alcohol spirit to the West. WSJ

26 New Grape Varieties Identified in Bío Bío | A research project into old vines in southern Chile has identified 26 new varieties, previously unknown in the world, and over 60 ‘uncommon’ varieties growing in Bío Bío. Decanter

4 Steps to a Profitable Cyber Monday for Your Winery | The holidays are just around the corner — now’s the time to capitalize on two of the biggest months for wine shipments. VineSpring


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