Webinar Recap: Routes to Markets with John Hinman

Daniel Kostrzewa | October 26, 2018

Among the ranks of beverage alcohol attorneys, there are few with the experience and depth of knowledge of John Hinman, founding partner of Hinman & Carmichael based in San Francisco. (Read their Booze Rules blog here.) So it was to our great pleasure that John recently joined us at ShipCompliant by Sovos to give a webinar presentation on navigating regulatory restraints when bringing products to market.

Beverage alcohol is a notoriously highly-regulated industry, and there are restrictions and limits on what suppliers can do to sell their products. These restrictions include licensing requirements, the need to register labels, and tax payments — but they often get even more nuanced and particular.

In an increasingly crowded market, where any room for suppliers to expand their presence is precious, these restrictions only add to the pain. And so it becomes invaluable to get ahead of the regulations and know what you are permitted — or prohibited — from doing.

This makes John’s presentation invaluable, as a resource cataloging the basic roadblocks that you will need to navigate on your way to market. If you missed the original presentation, we have posted it online available for you to watch here.


Highlights From the Presentation

There are so many particularities and nuances when it comes to legally distributing alcohol that it would be impossible to even brush the surface in a single webinar. However, John pointed out some key aspects to be aware of:

We again want to thank John Hinman for his wonderful presentation, and all the work he has done to make the beverage alcohol industry thrive.


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