BevAlc Roundup | 5 New Washington AVAs, the Mid-Year DtC Sales Review, and How to Avoid Bad Label Design

Daniel Kostrzewa | September 17, 2018

Over the next couple weeks here at ShipCompliant, we will be getting prepared for Oklahoma to open up to DtC shipping of wine on October 1; if you are interested in knowing what is required to ship wine to Oklahoma residents, you can find more information here. But for everyone else, there’s still the Round Up to distract us. This week we look at some proposed rules to require wineries to install equipment to control ethanol emissions, how climate change could affect wild yeasts, and evidence of beer production from 13,000 years ago.

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A World of Regulations: News and Discussions

TTB Newsletter | Top stories include improvements to Permits Online for amending trade names and new CBMTRA guidance for single taxpayers and importers. TTB

Hopped Up On Regulations: 5 Ongoing Concerns for Brewers | A brief look at some of the bigger uncertainties affecting the beverage alcohol industry, and in particular, how they affect beer producers and the sale and distribution of beer. ShipCompliant by Sovos

Regulators May Require California Wineries to Install Ethanol Emission Controls on Indoor, Closed-Top Tanks | Smaller and medium-size wineries may be required to install new ethanol emission controls, according to a settlement reached this summer between air district officials in Santa Barbara County and Wine Institute.

5 New Washington AVAs On The Horizon | What you need to know about the state’s prospective new appellations. SevenFifty Daily

How Reciprocity Laws Are Benefiting Craft Producers | Laws in New York and New Mexico are giving small producers a new way to boost their bottom lines. SevenFifty Daily

Class Action Suit Accusing Southern-Glazers of Unfair Business Practices Dismissed | A federal judge in San Jose has dismissed a class-action lawsuit against Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits LLC, the nation’s largest wine distributor, according to court records.


Industry Updates: Market Conditions and Developments

Sovos Announces 2018 Mid-Year Direct-to-Consumer Channel Data | Oregon wines suring while Napa sales stagnate, Rosé on the rise and Pennsylvania as a leading shipment destination. ShipCompliant by Sovos

Consumers Trade Up, U.S. Wine Sales Rise 3% | Cabernet illustrates trend as per-bottle prices increase, varietal remains dominant in DtC, off premise. Wines&Vines

It’s Like Mansplaining But For Race | What the wine industry can learn about black consumers. Forbes

Will Climate Change Kill Cantillon and Other Lambic Beers? | According to a study climate change may have a detrimental effect on the lauded beer style. VinePair

Experts: Smoke Taint in Grapes Can Be Managed | Growers can take measures to lessen the effects of smoke exposure; only at high levels does smoke decrease the quality of wine. Western Farm Press

New Partners For Wholesale Wine Sales | Here’s what works: Wineries find success with new types of distribution companies. Wines&Vines


Digestif: For Further Reflection and Enjoyment

According To History, We Can Thank Women For Beer | Beer consumption as been so disproportionately linked with men that it’s easy to forget women were the original brewers. Now, they’re staking their claim again. Huffington Post

Smart Branding Key To Future Wine Sales | The Silicon Valley Bank’s Wine Division’s found says that demographic shifts are transforming the industry.

Traces of 13,000-Year-Old Beer Found in Israel | According to the authors of a new study, the discovery marks the earliest-known evidence of beer production among ancient peoples. Smithsonian Magazine

The Three Traps of Label Design | We should spend more time talking about wine labels, because they matter more than ever before – and badly-executed ones can be disastrous for your brand. Wine Intelligence

Taking Apart the Three-Tier System | Liza B. Zimmerman gets the inside story on US liquor laws with attorney Sean O’Leary.

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