BevAlc Roundup | Guidance for Importers claiming tax refunds, the California grape harvest begins, and the oldest physical traces of beer is found.

Daniel Kostrzewa | August 20, 2018

Before we get to this week’s Roundup, we want to give a quick shout of support for everyone out there dealing with the wildfires raging across the West. Last year was a terrible year for fires, and by all accounts this year has been no better so far. We give our fervent hopes that the winds keep quiet, the temperatures drop, and some gentle rain comes to relieve things.

In this week’s Roundup, we have a guest post from Wine Institute providing guidance on new health warnings California is requiring all sellers of alcohol (including DtC wine shippers) to use, there’s a interstate squabble in New England revolving around New Hampshire’s lack of taxes, so far this year the wine market is growing with DtC sales up 8% over last year, and what can the craft spirits industry learn from craft beer’s successes and failures.

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TTB Newsletter | Top stories include the Wine Beverage Alcohol Manual is back and better than ever and two new American grape varieties are now available for use. TTB

New Prop 65 Warning Requirements for Online Sales and DTC Shipments in California | On August 30, 2018, newly-amended Prop 65 clear and reasonable warning regulations that apply to any winery that sells and ships their products to consumers in the State of California come into effect. ShipCompliant by Sovos

Customs and Border Protection Interim Regulations For Refunds of Excise Taxes on Imported Beer, Wine and Spirits | Brief outline of proposed rules for parties to claim refunds on excise taxes for imported beer, wine and spirits in connection with the 2017 tax reform act. Alcohol Law Advisor

Alcohol a Factor In Fight Between Maine And New Hampshire Over Millions In Revenue | New Hampshire wants to sell more booze to out-of-staters so it’s offering them discounts — something Maine’s liquor agency dismisses as a “gimmick”. Press Herald

Will Wasteful State Spending Lead To Private LIquor Stores in North Carolina? |  In the coming months North Carolina politics might feature a fight over whether to end the state-run monopoly on liquor. News Observer

Exploring The Legal Ramifications of Wine And Week Events | How to navigate the regulatory hurdles of crossover activitations. SevenFifty Daily


U.S. Wine Sales Up Despite Import Competition | Total sales increase by 2% to $2.9 billion, DtC up 8% over 2017 in typically slow season. Wines&Vines

California Wine Harvest Begins | Despite the gloomy air, producers are pleased as the 2018 harvest kicks off.

US Cider Sector Enjoys Massive Growth; Although Education And Sector Consolidation Remain Key Challenges | As public demand for cider options continue to grow, creating an experience and showcasing diversity in the category will be the key to success. Beverage Daily

The Effects of Recent Global Wine Mergers and Acquisitions On The Industry | Changes in technology, business models and market structures are disrupting the global wine market and creating new sets of winners and losers among wholesalers, retailers and suppliers. Forbes

Winning Distributor Attention | Pushing this ocean of product through the chaos of a quickly changing and ever-consolidating distribution network poses monumental challenges for all suppliers and distributors alike, even the largest and most-disciplined. Wine Industry Advisor


Selling Wine Without A Tasting Room | Without a brick-and-mortar presence, small wineries have to work harder to reach potential customers. SevenFifty Daily

Spirits, Beer And Lessons To Be Learned | The craft movement has taken over the world of drinks. As the number of artisan producers rises every week, could spirits learn a thing or two from their lower abv partner in the beer world? Spirits Business

Ancient Ceramic Cups Reveal Oldest Direct Evidence of Beer In Mesopotamia | Researchers are working on resurrecting the recipe. Smithsonian Magazine

Creating Labels That Stand Out On The Shelves | Measuring design effectiveness with the “Opt-in Design Category Audit”. Wine Business

Tapping the Future | In the right situations, wine on tap is hitting its stride. Beverage Media Group


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