BevAlc Roundup | Tariffs on whiskey come into effect, big beer loses market share, and why you should cheers the 4th with a glass of Madeira.

Daniel Kostrzewa | July 9, 2018

We all hope you enjoyed a fun and safe Fourth of July holiday last week! These hot summer days are typically a quieter time, but this week’s Roundup is rather busy, looking at the ill-effects a hotting up trade war will have on the beverage alcohol industry, why now is the best time to revamp your DtC wine sales programs, and, while major beer brands may be losing market share, American craft beer is increasingly capturing the rest of the world’s attention.

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TTB Newsletter | Top stories include a renewed promise to launch Permits Online v. 5 later this month. TTB

Caught In Tariff War, U.S. Distillers Fear Losing Out On Global Whiskey Boom | Distillers fear that a long boom in U.S. whiskey exports could be coming to an end. NPR

Trade War Worries For Winemakers | Could wine be the next victim in the brewing trade war?

Missouri Law Banning Truthful Advertising On Alcohol Prices Is Found Unconstitutional | Last week, U.S. District Judge Douglas Harpool issued a ruling agreeing that the state’s longtime ban on truthful advertising of alcohol prices is unconstitutional. River Front Times

Son Of Granholm Inches Closer | In the years since Granholm, lower federal courts have wrestled with the question of whether or not the Commerce Clause’s non-discrimination principle is limited to state laws imposing different rules on in-state versus out-of-state producers and products. Alcohol Law Advisor


People Aren’t Super Excited About Beer Right Now | And wine sales are catching up! Food and Wine

What’s Killing Big American Beer? | More Americans are putting down Buds and Coors, instead grabbing wine, liquor, Corona, and Michelob. CNN Money

Flexibility And Confidence Key For Advancing Women In Wine | Offering flexibility and encouragement, and supporting women-owned business were key to advancing women in the wine industry, the Women of the Vine & Spirits’ inaugural London symposium revealed. Harpers UK

Slow Season For Your DtC Wine Club? Not Really: Summer Is For Strategy | Just because things move more slowly in summer, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a critically important period for wine clubs. Wine Industry Network

Direct Wine Sales: It’s Time To Rethink Loyalty Programs | As an industry, winery teams have continued to focus on club membership conversion as the number one direct customer acquisition path and it’s time to rethink this sales strategy. DTC Wine Workshops

The World’s Wine Industry Is Adapting To Climate Change | Climate change and its effects have led winemakers to explore new areas for vineyards and wineries, including Oregon’s Van Duzzer Corridor. CNBC


A Toast To The Founding Fathers Should Include Their Favorite Drink | “It always amazed me that Americans had no idea their Founding Fathers drank more Madeira than any other wine,” says Broadbent, founder of Broadbent Selections, based in Richmond. Washington Post

Here’s Why Wine Makers Are Ageing Their Bottles Under The Sea | The underwater conditions — total darkness and constant temperature — are thought to accelerate the ageing process, adding complexity to the wine. Hindustan Times

We Asked 9 Somms: Is Natural Wine Overrated? | Fewer chemicals, less intervention, more environmentally friendly — nebulously defined “natural wines” hit a lt of touchstones for modern drinkers, especially sommeliers. VinePair

Not Just For Vikings: Mead Is Making A Worldwide Comeback | Far from being just a drink from the past, mead is becoming a “drink of the future” in the premium alcoholic beverages category, according to a report by GlobalData. Beverage Daily

Starting A Spirit Brand Without A Distillery | A drinks lawyer discusses product development, legal compliance, and getting to the market. SevenFifty Daily

America’s Craft Beer Diplomacy | Even in an era of “America First,” our beer isn’t enjoyed just in our backyards. It is a tireless and affable diplomat, beloved abroad no matter the conditions back home. New York Times


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