BevAlc Roundup | Tariffs affect the industry, TTB levies its heaviest fine ever, and are regulations hampering the adoption of new technology?

Daniel Kostrzewa | June 11, 2018

We held our annual Wine Summit event on May 31, at the Napa Valley Marriott. The Summit was once again a fabulous occasion, full of regulatory updates, looks at market trends, and tips and tricks to improve DtC and three-tier sales. If you missed it, or just want to refresh your memory, read our follow-up post.

For this week’s Roundup, we have a special section looking into some foreign trade issues, including the latest on how tariffs are harming the industry. We then look at how efforts to open Delaware up to DtC sales are progressing, global trends in the sale of beer, and why weird, archaic, and super-local wine varietals are poised for a resurgence.

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Special Section: Trade and Exports News

Tariffs on Aluminum Are A Tax On Beer | This aluminum tariff will dramatically increase the manufacturing costs of American brewers and beer importers. Beer Institute

New Tariffs Risk Turning U.S. Whiskey Sour | An escalating international trade spat is driving up equipment costs and threatens to cut into profits from bottles exported to Europe, just as business is booming. Reuters

Trump Administration Seeks WTO Panel To Resolve Wine Dispute with Canada | The administration wants the WTO to set up a dispute panel to rule on its claim of Canada’s “discriminatory” practices in the province of British Columbia. CNBC


TTB Newsletter | Top stories include the release of the 2018 TTB Satisfaction Survey and an alternate procedure regarding the storage of tax-determined and non-tax-determined products. TTB

Retailers Fear Amazon Effect With Direct Wine Shipments | Wineries are major tourist attractions across the country. But vacationing Delawareans are in for a rude awakening if they decide to ship a case back home. Delaware Business Times

TTB Levies Largest Fine Ever | It’s been a big year already for federal agencies when it comes to dishing out fines — and a painful one for the recipients.

Work To Open More States To DTC Wine Shipments Continues | State regulators zero in on illegal shipments. Wine Business

Why Can’t Native Americans Make Whiskey? | Outdated, paternalistic laws prevent tribes from taking part in the craft-spirits boom. The New York Times

The Key Trend In The Global Beer Industry? “Drinking Less, But Drinking Better” | Beer drinkers are seeking quality or quantity, evidence by continued growth in premium, super-premium and craft categories. Beverage Daily

California Domestic Wine Revenue Successfully Endured A Decade Of Retail Flatness | It appears that California wine lost 3% of domestic market share to imports over the past decade, but in hard cash, its domestic wine revenue increased. Forbes

Growing DTC Wine Sales Locally and Digitally | An interview with Sandra Hess, Founder of DTC Wine Workshops Consulting Agency. Copper Peak Logistics

Secrets For Growing Direct-to-Consumer Wines Sales 2018 Videocast | On May 16, 2018, SVB’s Wine Division hosted a live videocast discussion of trends in direct-to-consumer wine sales based upon findings from a survey of more than 800 responses. SVB


The Secret Trigger That Makes You Reach For Your Favorite Bottle Of Wine | As wine sales continue to climb in the U.S., vintners are incorporating augmented reality and other innovations in wine label design. CNBC

Why You Should Be Drinking Weird Wines | For years, the global wine industry had been devolving toward a monoculture, with local grape varieties ripped out in favor of more immediately profitable, mass-market types. The New York Times

The Slow Adoption of Technology In Wine Is Political | The single greatest deterrent to the wine industry becoming a full-fledged adopted of new economy tools isn’t a luddite’s aversion to the expanding digital toolbox. It is the anti-competitive, anti-consumer, and market-disabling state laws that champion barriers to trade. Fermentation

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