BevAlc Roundup | Avoid trade practice violations, wine exports continue to grow, and the secrets in wine labelling.

Daniel Kostrzewa | April 2, 2018

Spring is here, and the BevAlc Roundup is in full bloom! This week we look at the TTB’s latest trade practice investigations along with how recent trade disputes with China could affect the industry. Then, which markets are growing (exports and craft beer) and which need a pick-me-up (cider and selling to Gen-X). Finally, if you’re already a wine snob, Tom Wark lets you know that’s perfectly fine; and if you’re not, a new podcast from E. & J. Gallo will tickle your funny bone, and hopefully also your palate. All that, plus beer…in SPACE?!

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TTB Newsletter | Top stories include further guidance on the Craft Beverage and Modernization Act for distilled spirits and and new guidance on formula approvals. TTB

How To Avoid Pay-To-Play Violations | The TTB has increased its enforcement budget — here’s what you need to know to stay in the clear. SevenFifty Daily

China’s Tariffs Are Sobering News For California’s Wine Country | China just announced plans to add a 15 percent tariff on a range of U.S. products from pipes, to fruit, to — yes, wine. Bloomberg

The Rise of Canned Wine, Beer, And Cocktails Is Bigger Than Any Tariff |  A post-World-War-II-era convenience, aluminum cans are now being used to hold everything from cocktails to craft beer and even wine. VinePair

ABI/SAB Miller Deal: DOJ Clarifies Best Efforts Clause In Proposed Final Judgment | DOJ’s clarifications to the Proposed Final Judgment give beer wholesalers more authority to promote third-party brands than many had feared. Alcohol Law Advisor

The EU Has Painted A Bright, 20-Million-Euro Bulls-Eye On Your Web Site, If . . .  | Wine Industry Insight provides a look into upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements that could mean big problems for non-compliant wineries with visitors from the European Union. Wine Industry Insight

Texas Alcohol Agency Reverses Judge, Preserving State Booze Industry | Two weeks ago, the agency that regulates alcohol beverages decided that shuttering the state’s booze business was probably not what legislators intended. Statesman


U.S. Wine Exports Total $1.53 Billion in 2017 | California wine exports have grown nearly 70% by value in the past decade. Wine Business

Small and Independent Brewers See Sustained Growth in 2017 | Brewers Association releases new data figures for craft brewers. Brewers Association

What’s Holding Cider Back? | For some reason, craft cider just can’t get a foothold in the market the same way craft beer has over the last few decades. VinePair

New Reasons Why Wine Marketers Should Pay Attention To Generation X | Generally an ignored generation due to its small size and early preference for cocktails, Gen X has now begun to spend much more money on wine. Wine Business

Why Is It Becoming Harder To Buy Wine Online? | Over time, the way we shop has changed, and wine lovers demand more freedom to buy wines that don’t reach local shelves through the traditional system. Washington Post

Total Wine & More Sharpens Focus on Winery Direct | Wholesalers clearing wine for reduce margins enables retailer to sell wines from smaller producers more profitably. Wine Business


In the Future, There Will Be A Distillery On Every Corner | Americans are finding job fulfillment in the craft-booze industry, which continues its upward growth trajectory unabated. Bloomberg

Craft Wine: Is It The Next Big Thing? | Craft beer and craft cocktails have captured the imagination of a thirsty nation. Is craft wine ready to step into the spotlight? Vino-Sphere

How Do You Make Beer In Space? | Strap on your beer goggles and join us on a hops-fueled rocket ride. Smithsonian

Let Your Wine Snobbery Run Free | In almost every single case, a person who is labeled a “wine snob” ends up being a person with discerning and educated tastes. Fermentation

Don’t Be A Wine Novice, Let Comedian Ben Schwartz Be One For You In New Podcast | E. & J. Gallo Winery launches “The Wine Down” podcast to teach you everything you’ve always wanted to know about wine. PR Newswire

Wine Labels Are Little White Lies With Enormous Implications | If you think that wine labels don’t matter, that they don’t affect the way a wine tastes, think again. VinePair

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