BevAlc Roundup | Further TTB guidance on the recent tax bill, a bevy of reports on 2017 sales and predictions for 2018, including the Sovos/Wines & Vines DtC report, and how well can Amazon’s Alexa recommend a bottle of wine?

Daniel Kostrzewa | February 6, 2018

With 2018 firmly underway, now is the time to review the previous year, and make predictions for the future. A number of reports have come out this week, which we’ve compiled for this Roundup. Other articles of interest include a discussion on proposed rules limiting the use of out-of-state AVAs and a fond sendoff to one of the original pillars of the craft beer industry.

The Sovos/Wines & Vines 2018 DtC Report is now available! Make sure to download your copy here.


TTB Newsletter | Top stories include additional guidance on the Craft Beverage and Modernization Act and tips on staying compliant with TTB regulations. TTB

Should Out-of-State AVA Use Be Legal? | When the TTB published proposed regulation 160B, which would close a loophole that allows wineries to use AVA names on wines made using grapes from other states, the bureau was inundated with comments on both sides of the issue. Wines & Vines

Free The Grapes Indiana: Wines Out of Reach For Indiana Consumers In Winery Lockout | Indiana is the only state that prohibits wineries from carrying both a legal direct shipping license and a relationship with a wholesaler. Business Wire

Concerned About Craft Beer Bill, Distributors Bring Their Own | South Dakota beer distributors said this week a proposal aimed at letting craft brewers sell their beer directly to stores and restaurants gives them unfair advantages over other players in the beer industry. But the alternate proposal isn’t a compromise, craft brewers said. Argus Leader

Virginia Distillers Push “Booze Equality” Legislation To Loosen State Rules On Liquor Tasting Rooms | As they’ve watched Virginia’s brewery and wine industries boom, craft distillers have begun to feel the state is unfairly harsh on businesses that make the stronger stuff. Richmond Times-Dispatch

Want To Order Wine Online? Not Unless You Want To Break The Law | In Mississippi, alcohol shipment to an individual or business are illegal if the purchase is not made directly through the ABC. Clarion Ledger


2018 Ushers In Favorable Wine Trends | Tonnage approaching balanced supply as premiumization and deals continue, according to experts at Unified Symposium. Wines & Vines

2018 SVB Wine Report Videocast Replay | The 2018 Annual SVB Wine Industry Videocast was presented on January 17th to a record audience both domestically and across the globe. You are welcome to replay and review the session.

Expect a Rise in Wine Sales And Prices in 2018 | According to the Wine Market Council, Nielsen and Rabobank, the wine industry is in better shape than many expected. Beverage Industry Enthusiast

U.S. Beer Makers Shipped 3.8 Million Fewer Barrels in 2017 | 2017 was historically bad for U.S. brewers, who shipped 3.8 million fewer barrels of beer than the previous year. Brewbound

Brewpubs Are Gaining Popularity, But Their Patrons Don’t Always Drink The Beer | According to Nielsen, a full 50% of patrons sometimes order wine while 43% have ordered a cocktail at least once. Just two-thirds have exclusively ordered beer. Forbes

Craft Brewers Don’t Need To “Sell Out” To Survive, But Partnerships and Investments Are A Must | The beer industry’s first round of consolidation is largely over as macro US brewers have slowed their pace of craft brewery acquisitions, making way for other types of deals that offer small brewers new paths forward, says Rabobank. Beverage Daily

Consumers Turning To Private Label Wine More Often Thanks To Supermarkets | Private label wine is building momentum in the US, thanks to national supermarket chains such as Aldi, Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Whole Foods taking on the identity as trusted wine vendors. Beverage Daily


Brewers Association Announces Exit of Charlie Papazian | Father of homebrewing, founder and innovator leaves lasting legacy after 40 years. Brewer’s Association

The History of Wine In 442 Podcasts | One of wine’s great treasures is available, free, with the touch of a smartphone or the click of a mouse. NY Times

Why More Wine Importers Are Adding Spirits Arms | Many are expanding the footprint of their portfolios to keep up with a changing industry. SevenFifty Daily

Can Amazon’s Alexa Hack It As A Wine Sommelier? We Put Her To The Test | A wine critic sums up his efforts to get drink recommendations from a digital “expert”. The Globe and Mail

Oldest Beer In Greece Dates To Bronze Age | A new study describes the discovery of two potential Bronze Age breweries. Live Science

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