Third-Party Provider Reports for Illinois Due

Daniel Kostrzewa | January 26, 2018

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission has issued details regarding a new report required to be filed by third-party providers facilitating direct to consumer (DtC) shipments into Illinois. Third-party providers are any parties, expect for common carriers, who have been authorized to ship wine on behalf of a licensed direct shipper winery.

Under a set of rules, which became effective January 1, 2017, when applying for a new or renewed direct shipper license, wineries must submit the name and address of all third-party providers they authorize to ship wine on their behalf to Illinois (state notice provided here). In addition, third-party providers are required to report the shipments they’ve made in the previous year.


The first report, for shipments made in calendar year 2017, is due on February 1, 2018. The report should be emailed to


Third-party provider reports must include the following data for each shipment:

In addition, all records and documents containing data related to these shipments should be kept on file for three years.

A version of the report has been made available by Wine Institute, on their IL State Shipping Laws page, available here. Or third-party providers can create their own version, as long as it contains all of the required data.


For questions, please contact:

Zoel Jones

Illinois Liquor Control Commission

Enforcement Division

100 W Randolph St

Chicago, IL 60601

MC 7-801

(312)814-2604 (Office)


Licensed Direct Shipper wineries are reminded that as the license holder, they may be held responsible for the acts and breaches of responsibility of their authorized third-party providers.


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