BevAlc Roundup | TTB to delay labeling requirements for Hard Cider tax products, A-B can sell in China and so can you, and when possums drink, they go for the good stuff.

Daniel Kostrzewa | December 18, 2017

As we move towards the holidays, we’ve got a busy roundup for you to enjoy with some egg nog or spiced wine; top stories include a new round of law suits looking to open up direct shipping for retails, Walgreens stores are now serving as hold locations for direct orders, and distinctions between wine drinking and beer drinking countries are falling apart.


TTB Newsletter | Top stories include announced delays to the Hard Cider Tax Class labeling statement requirement and two new AVAs; in other news, the new Permit Online system has a delayed release date. TTB

What You Need To Know About Shipping Alcohol | A drinks laywer demystifies the recent buzz around legal changes affecting alcohol shipping in the U.S. SevenFifty Daily

The FDA and The Wine and Spirits Industry – Surprise Inspections Anyone? | Barbara Snider, senior counsel to Hinman & Carmichael, explores the laws behind FDA’s role in regulating alcoholic beverage producers, and lays out best practices for compliance. Hinman & Carmichael

Lawsuits Take Aim At Interstate Shipping | A concerted effort is underway to get retailer shipping laws before the Supreme Court.

Canada’s Wine Shipping Laws Go To Court | Dairy, egg and poultry producers worry about impact of interprovincial trade. Wines & Vines


How to Get Ready for End-of-Year Reporting | We hosted a webinar last month detailing updates to legislation, potential changes on the horizon, and best practices for filing. ShipCompliant by Sovos

Walgreens Is Now A National Drop-Off Location For Wine | Both and FedEx are using the drugstore’s branches for wine delivery. Wine Business

This Is How The World’s ‘King of Beer’ Says You Can Still Conquer The Chinese Market | Innovation and differentiation are key to a company’s success in China–along with making operations more efficient and tapping the right talent and strategies to win. Fortune

Michigan Wine Lovers Have No Access To 89% of Wines | New economic developments have increased the demand for interstate shipment of wine, but also throw in to sharp relief the deficiencies of the now archaic wine distribution systems and laws still in effect in many states. NAWR

Will California North Coast Fine Wine Pass A “Tipping Point” In 2018? | Two key matters on the horizon for the fine-wine business in the North Coast in 2018 are whether fine-wine sales will continue the strong, steady climb and the possibility of another large direct-to-consumer market opening nationwide. North Bay Journal

Fire Damage Becoming Clear | Two months after fires ravaged Napa, Sonoma, and Mendacino counties, a look at their impact. SVB on Wine


Direct-to-Consumer Smartphone Apps Increases Sales and Consumer Loyalty | There is now a company dedicated to creating and maintaining DTC apps specifically for wineries. Wine Business

Craft Beer Is Dead — Your Favorite Delicious Style Killed It | In the past two weeks, two well-respected national beer writers have penned articles foretelling the demise of craft brewing, bemoaning the surging popularity of two different styles. Westword

Buyer Beware | There is, on the internet, a very active secondary market in rare bourbons and other alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, in the United State the secondary market in alcoholic beverages is illegal. Chuck Cowdry Blog

We Can No Longer Divide The World Between Beer And Wine Drinkers, Economists Say | What is the fate of the mythic beer-drinking nation in a globally integrated economy? Quartz

Florida Opossum Threw Back Some Cognac After Breaking Into Liquor Store | Just because you eat trash all week doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink like a king once in a while. USA Today