BevAlc Roundup | Retail DtC rules examined, how the alcohol industry can deal with sexual harassment, and beer does make you feel differently than wine.

Daniel Kostrzewa | December 4, 2017

In today’s roundup, we continue our examination of retailer Direct-to-Consumer rules, how wholesalers impact laws regarding how beverage alcohol gets distributed, whether wine labels should include ingredient lists, and how different beverage alcohol products affect your emotions in different ways.


TTB Newsletter | Top stories include six new approved grape varieties for American wines and a new tool for determining beer formula requirements; in other news, Permits Online will be unavailable from December 14-18 as the TTB works to launch the new and improved Permits Online. TTB

Where Is Retailer DtC Still Permitted? | Part 2 in our series of posts on retailers selling direct to consumer investigates the current regulatory environment in which retailers must operate. ShipCompliant

Laying Down the Distribution Law | Beverage attorney John Hinman explains why the wholesaler is always right, and how American liquor delivery laws can change.

Illinois’ Interstate Alcohol Regulations Hurt Small Businesses, Consumers | Legislation signed into law in 2016 could put a damper on Chicago’s retail wine market. Illinois Policy 

Comptroller Franchot Seeks To Lift Cap On Craft Beer Production, Sales | Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot unveiled a legislative package Monday that would make sweeping changes to the state’s regulation of craft breweries. Baltimore Sun


Confronting Sexual Harassment In The Drinks Industry | Managers take a stand against workplace harassment with staff training programs and zero-tolerance policies. SevenFifty Daily

Should Wine Labels List Ingredients? | Wine industry experts weigh in on whether wine labels should be more transparent, revealing when common additives are used. SevenFifty Daily

Hops Could Fall Out Of Favour In Craft Beer Industry As Brewers Look To Barley | Heavily-hopped beers may be on the way out as famers continue to raise the cost of their crops, according to Sharp’s beer sommelier Ed Hughes. Drinks Business

How The Vanilla Shortage Is Affecting Spirits Production | Surging vanilla prices are forcing spirits producers to get creative–or eat the costs. SevenFifty Daily


How To Spot A Fake Whisky | The fight is on against counterfeiters of collectible spirits. Financial Times

How Our Emotions React Differently To Alcoholic Drinks | Wine relaxes you, vodka gives you energy and beer boosts your confidence. Daily Mail

Where Unsellable Wine Goes To Die And Become Fuel For Your Car’s Gas Tank | That unsold bottle of Merlot is probably winding up in your gas tank. Quartz Media

SodaStream’s New Concentrate Lets You Mix Your Own Champagne |
SodaStream has been inching its way into the adult beverage scene for a little while now and today the company announced that it’s launching its take on champagne (at least in Germany). Engadget