BevAlc Roundup | Federal tax relief could be included in Senate’s overall tax reform plans, high hopes for the 2017 vintage, and we now know wine is older than we thought.

Daniel Kostrzewa | November 20, 2017

In today’s round up we go through a review of the rules for interstate wine shipping based on an interview with ShipCompliant’s own Alex Koral, examine an all-time low in global wine production, and look at the problems of categorizing whisky.




TTB Newsletter | Top stories include upcoming updates to permits online and FDA guidance for menu labeling requirements that will be required in May 2018. TTB

Cheers! Senators Propose Lowering Alcohol Tax | Senators propose amendment to their tax reform package to include long-discussed Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform provisions. CNN

Arkansas: Federal Judge Denies Injunction Against Grocery Store Wine Expansion | A request for a preliminary injunction to block a state law permitting grocery stores to sell all types of wine, not just Arkansas and so-called small batch wines, was denied. Arkansas Matters

PA House Committee To Vote On Modernizing Liquor Licensing | The Pennsylvania House of Representatives’ Liquor Control Committee is set to vote on a measure to lift liquor licensing restrictions that have been in place since the repeal of Prohibition. Legal Intelligence

Commission Tentatively Endorses Plan To Legalize Sunday Retail Alcohol Sales In Indiana | Members of the Alcohol Code Revision Commission said overwhelming public support for Sunday sales prompted them to endorse a preliminary draft of a legislative proposal authorizing Hoosiers to purchase carryout alcohol on Sundays. NWI Times




Sales Of U.S. Wines Up 4% In October | A rising tide lifts all boats, and despite the significant personal losses wineries and their workers faced due to wildfires in October, U.S. wine sales continued to lift the industry’s fortunes higher. Wines & Vines

Thirstie Launches The First Fully Integrated Ecommerce Solution For The Multi-Billion-Dollar US Alcohol Industry | The new ecommerce platform lets customers order alcohol and wine directly from the websites of global alcohol brands. Digital Commerce 360

Why Asian Whisky Has Seen Such Explosive Growth On The American Market | According to Nielsen Answers On Demand, Japanese whisky has grown more than 43% in volume and 21% in value for the 52 weeks ending Oct. 7. Forbes

Overall Beer Market To See Lower Volumes, But Craft Should Enjoy 5 to 6 Percent Growth, Report Says | Craft beer’s days of heady double-digit growth may be over, but it is expected to produce volume growth of 5 to 6 percent this year and outperform the broader category, according to a new report. CNBC

California 2017: Wildfires, High Quality And An End To Drought | The 2017 harvest across California is being hailed as excellent in a year that witnessed an end to a five-year drought as well as savage wildfires in the north of the state. The Drinks Business




Protecting The Essence Of Scotch | Scotch distillers depend upon peat bogs but climate change could destroy them. Daily Beast

The Improbable New Wine Countries That Climate Change Is Creating | Though experts remain devided on which areas of the world will lose and which will win, they all agree that the world’s most famous wine regions are not going to remain the same. Quartzy

Earliest Evidence of Wine Found In Giant, 8,000-Year-Old Jars | The new research pushes chemical evidence of wine 600 to 1,000 years before the previous oldest estimates. Washington Post

Tapping Into The Beer Cocktail Trend | Why cocktails that spotlight the dynamic characteristics of craft beer are gaining traction. Seven-Fifty Daily

Genetically Modified Wine? Experts Find The Gene That Adds Flavour To Beer And Wine | Researchers in Belgium have discovered the gene in yeast responsible for giving beers and wine their sweet flavour. The Drinks Business