BevAlc Roundup | U.S. Distillers Brace For Possible EU Backlash Against Bourbon, Amazon Isn’t Developing Its Own Wine…Yet, and “The Sideways Effect”

Kevin Diffily | July 17, 2017

Today’s roundup covers U.S. distillers brace for possible EU backlash against bourbon, Amazon isn’t developing its own wine…yet, and ‘The Sideways Effect’: how a wine-obsessed film reshaped the industry. Enjoy!




Approaches to Spirits Direct Shipping | Today nearly every state—plus the District of Columbia—allows wineries to ship wine across state lines directly to in-state consumers. The same cannot be said for spirits. Alcohol Law Advisor

U.S. Distillers Brace For Possible EU Backlash Against Bourbon | American distillers say they are concerned about potential EU tariffs against bourbon, if the U.S. imposes a tariff on steel. NPR

Advocates See a Chance to Raise Mass. Alcohol Tax | As Massachusetts lawmakers debates new taxes on marijuana of anywhere from 8 to 28 percent, public health advocates say there’s another drug that needs a tax hike: alcohol. Boston Globe




New Brewer Seal Helps Craft Beer Stand Out From The Crowd | Craft brewers can better distinguish their products from major producers’ with the new Independent Craft Brewer Seal. ShipCompliant

Amazon Isn’t Developing its Own Wines…Yet | Amazon’s role is to give wineries, like King Estate, “an innovative format to launch new brands and reach more customers,” they said. TechCrunch

The Companies Want to Help You Discover (and Afford) Craft Wine | Boutique wineries across the country are producing small batches of everything from pinot noir to chardonnay, but it can be difficult for us twenty-somethings to find – let alone afford – those wines . . . Online platforms like Winestyr and Glassful are trying to change that. CNN




‘The Sideways Effect’: How A Wine-Obsessed Film Reshaped The Industry | A dozen years after Sideways, pinot noir has become a mainstay of the California wine industry, and winemakers credit the film with bringing deserved attention to the varietal, calling it “The Sideways Effect.” NPR

Whisky-Fueled Car Makes First Journey | The world’s first car running on a bio-fuel made from whisky residue has had its first successful test drive. BBC

How Ancient Humans Got Drunk | New book recreates the world’s oldest known beers and wines, and argues being tipsy played a key part in developing language, art and religion. Daily Mail