BevAlc Roundup | Pennsylvania to Require Quarterly DTC Reporting, Craft Fights Back Against “Big Beer” With Independent Seal, and UB40 Is Now Selling Wine … Red Red Wine

Kevin Diffily | July 3, 2017

Today’s roundup covers Pennsylvania’ new DTC reporting requirement, craft beer’s independent seal, and the band UB40 is now selling wine … red red wine. Have a great July 4th holiday!


Pennsylvania To Require Quarterly Reporting for Winery DtC Starting July 31 | On June 7, 2017 the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) sent out notices to Direct Wine Shipper licensees informing them of upcoming quarterly reporting requirements. ShipCompliant

FDA Begins Winery Inspections | Wine law specialists have warned since 2011 that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) would eventually start inspecting wineries for compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act. This spring those inspections started in earnest. Wines & Vines

Craft Brewers Fear Last-Minute Regulations in Budget | Wisconsin’s craft brewers and wineries are banding together to head off a plan they fear could force them out of business by prohibiting them from selling their beer and wine where it is made. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Texas Wine Industry Debates Labeling Laws | State law in Texas requires just 75% for state appellation labeling, but lawmakers had introduced legislation that would have changed that to 100% effective Sept. 1. Wines & Vines

Like a Lot of Washington, Beer Industry’s Bill on Hold Until Bigger Pieces Are Moved | The beer industry, from the smallest craft brewers to the giant Anheuser-Busch InBev, is behind a long-awaited rewrite of the federal tax code on beer. St. Louis Dispatch

If 3.2 Beer Disappears From Grocery Stores, Utah Liquor Stores Couldn’t Carry Lost Brands | What happens in two years, if the availability of 3.2 percent beer decreases and only higher-alcohol beers are available from big brands like Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors. The Salt Lake Tribune


DtC Sales Extend National Reach | Direct-to-consumer (DtC) shipments continue to rise on the back of steady growth in overall U.S. wine sales, with Napa Valley continuing to be a dominant player in the channel. Wines & Vines

Smaller Brewers Relied on Now Bud’s Maker Owns a Stake | The constant worry of being crowded out by the big brands, like Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer, intensified this month when it was revealed that ZX Ventures, an incubator operated by A.B.I., had purchased a minority stake in a popular beer review website, The New York Times

Craft Fights Back Against “Big Beer” With Independent Seal | The US Brewer’s Association (BA) has introduced a new seal to indicate craft beers that have been brewerd by independent brewers in response to the number of big beer owners snapping up craft breweries and releasing their own “craft beer” brands. The Drink Business

Poll Findings Show “Independent/Independently Owned” Matters in Craft Beer Purchase Decisions | Does independence matter? You bet it does. A recent survey firmly illustrates this point. Brewers Association



That “Local” Beer Might Be Made In Another State — or Country | Consumers all over the world are having a hard time knowing where their beer is brewed. Market Watch

Today’s Whiskey Is Not Yesterday’s – Thank Goodness | Whiskey-makers and their public relations companies regularly boast of the ancient heritage of their whiskies. . . . Baloney. American Spectator

The Band UB40 Is Now Selling Wine … Red Red Wine | When reggae band UB40, they of the 70 million records sold, ask if you’d like to taste their Red Red Wine, the answer is obviously/immediately/hilariously yes. LA Weekly