BevAlc Roundup | MA Beer Distributors Push Franchise Reform Bill at State House, 5 Tasting Room Tips to Keep your Winery in Compliance, and ShipCompliant’s 12th Annual Event

Kevin Diffily | May 22, 2017

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. Today’s roundup covers Massachusetts beer distributors’ push for a franchise reform bill at the State House, five tasting room tips to keep your winery in compliance, and ShipCompliant’s 12th annual event: GCS ShipCompliant Wine Summit. As always, if you read something I missed, let me know in the comments. Have a great week!


TTB Industry Circular | Amendments to the Criteria for the Hard Cider Tax Rate and Information on Other Requirements that Apply to Wine that is Eligible for the Hard Cider Tax Rate. TTB Industry Circular

Massachusetts Beer Distributors Push Franchise Reform Bill at State House | More than 80 members of the Beer Distributors of Massachusetts lobbied state lawmakers on Beacon Hill yesterday, rallying behind House Bill 2823, which would allow beer companies making less than 30,000 barrels annually to terminate relationships with wholesalers for no cause. Brewbound

California Winemakers Take Case to Trump’s Trade Hearings | In his first few months in office Donald Trump has railed repeatedly against the US trade deficit. But California winemakers would like the president to zoom in on another: the wine deficit. Financial Times

North Dakota Clarifies Direct-To-Consumer (DtC) Wine Sales & Use Tax Requirements | North Dakota tax laws are being interpreted by the Office of State Tax Commissioner to require out-of-state direct shipper licensees to collect and remit local sales and use taxes on wine shipped to consumers in ND, in addition to the 7% state alcohol beverage gross receipts tax. ShipCompliant


How to Create an Incredible Online Experience | What UX means for wine and why you should care. VineSpring

2017 Secrets to Growing Direct-to-Consumer Wine Sales | Silicon Valley Bank’s Rob McMillan leads an interactive discussion on the latest growth trends in direct-to-consumer wine sales and a review of SVB’s 2017 Direct-to-Consumer Wine Survey. Wine Business

ShipCompliant Wine Summit | Now in its 12th year, the Wine Summit (formerly known as “Direct”) is the premiere event for wine producers. ShipCompliant

Winery Shipments Direct To U.S. Consumers Grows, But Some Are Left Out | We know who wins in the DtC market: U.S. wineries (mostly smaller ones) and consumers who either can’t find certain wines in shops where they live or don’t want to go looking. But who loses? Forbes

5 Tasting Room Tips To Keep Your Winery in Compliance | By following these 5 tips, tasting room staff can be aware of their customers’ purchasing and shipping plans, and be more likely to stay in compliance with direct-to-consumer regulations. ShipCompliant

Challenging the Definition of Beer? The Growth of NABLAB | The non-alcoholic beer and low-alcohol beer sector (NABLAB) is growing against a background of stagnant beer volumes. Can innovation in this sector disrupt the entire beer industry and challenge the way we think about beer? Beverage Daily


With Coors Field as the Catalyst, Beer and Baseball Became Forever Intertwined in Downtown Denver | Since the stadium opened in April of 1995, the local craft beer scene has exploded. Denver Post

Why We Don’t Talk More About Whiskey-Loving Women | Women have usually predetermined that they just don’t like whiskey. Forbes

Think Drinking Red Bull with Vodka Gets You Drunk Faster? It’s All in Your Head, Claim Experts | A new study has found that the combination of alcohol and energy drinks does not actually get you any more drunk than alcohol alone, despite a common misconception. Daily Mail