Missouri Moves to Online Filing for Direct Shippers

Daniel Kostrzewa | March 9, 2017

Missouri is set to join the paperless revolution by implementing an online platform for its tax returns. The Missouri Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) now requires all beverage alcohol suppliers required to submit excise tax and shipping reports to the state to only file online with a MoLogin account.

This process has been in place for several months for suppliers selling wholesale into the state, but wineries selling Direct to Consumer (DtC) will also be required to file online going forward. DtC wineries must submit reports and tax payments only once a year, by January 31. Therefore, the first time that this process will be in place is for next year’s filing, due in January 2018.

However, DtC wineries presently must take action and set up their eFile accounts. The ATC has been sending out notices to licensees regarding this adjustment in DtC reporting. If you have received a notice, you should follow its instructions and set up your eFile account.

The process to set up an account is fairly straightforward. Per the state’s instructions:

  1. Go to the MoLogin site.
  2. Create a new account.
  3. Link the MoLogin account to your DtC license. This requires using the claiming code listed on the notice sent by the ATC. The ATC highly recommends that only a managing officer, sole owner, or principal partner of the winery set up the MoLogin account.
    If you are a winery licensed to sell DtC in Missouri and have not received a notice, you should contact the ATC at 573-751-5444 and request a claiming code.
  4. Once you have created an account and associated it with your DtC license, you can log in and add other authorized users.

Existing Claiming Codes are only effective until March 31, 2017, so do not delay in setting up your MoLogin account.

Online filing of the required Direct Shipper Annual Report and Tax Computation (Missouri forms 12 & 40) will be available in all ShipCompliant accounts by January 2018, when they are next due. If you have any questions about your ShipCompliant account, please contact support@shipcompliant.com.