Arizona Uncaps Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Daniel Kostrzewa | April 6, 2016

Currently, if a resident of Arizona wants to make a direct-to-consumer (DtC) purchase of wine, she must either journey to the winery for an on-site sale, or restrict herself to buying only from a winery that produces 20,000 gallons or less annually. However, a new law recently passed in Arizona will greatly expand her selection.

On March 31st, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed into law SB 1381, which establishes a new license type in Arizona, the Direct Shipment License. At present, only wineries with a Farm Winery license that produce 20,000 gallons or less annually may make off-site DtC sales. The new Direct Shipment License will allow wineries of all sizes to make off-site sales. (more…)