ShipCompliant Merges with Sovos Compliance

Sovos | April 2, 2015

A Message from ShipCompliant President, Jason Eckenroth

I’m excited to announce that ShipCompliant has combined forces with Sovos Compliance, a leader in tax compliance and reporting software. It’s a done deal; you won’t talk me out of it.

Who is Sovos Compliance?

Sovos Compliance is the recently named combination of compliance industry powerhouses Taxware, Convey Compliance and VAT Resource.

Why now?

In the past decade, I’ve had the benefit of working with incredibly passionate entrepreneurs, professionals and visionaries… and made lasting friendships in the process.   We’ve had the opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of customers, help an industry change, and show that you can build a great and durable business grounded in strong values. But there is so much more that we can do. With the right partner, we can take our capabilities to an entirely new level for the benefit of our customers, employees and partners. After careful consideration, we decided Sovos was that partner.

Here are the three main reasons I made that call:

  1. Sovos and ShipCompliant share a similar vision for improving the lives of business owners by freeing them to pursue commerce unencumbered. With Sovos’ extensive resources and widely-recognized source of tax and compliance data, we will be able to execute against that vision with much greater speed and breadth of effect. Basically, we’re still going in the same direction; we just want to get there faster!
  2. Sovos supports our core values and unique customer-focused culture at ShipCompliant. Our company will continue to run as an independent division in Boulder, Colorado, driven by the same team you already know.
  3. This combination creates incredible career opportunities for our team. Both companies are committed to personal and professional development. Together, we will fulfill our goal to attract the most talented people in the country who seek to build a meaningful career and a great place to work.

On a personal level, it was important to me that Sovos shared my commitment to a values-based organization. The values we attribute our success to date are:

Feel It – We have authentic empathy for our customers, partners, and each other.

Own It – We take responsibility for outcomes, good and bad. We don’t pass the buck, and we see things through.

Shape It – We have a passion for possibilities, which drives us to revolutionize an industry and author our future.

Scale It – Born from our bootstrapped roots, we leverage opportunities for exponential impact in all that we do. 1+1=3 at ShipCompliant.

How we got here:

Six88 Solutions was founded in 2000 to create web-based business solutions founded on the principles of customer success and responsibility to commitments. These became the foundation for the company’s core values, which have shaped the solutions we’ve created and the team we’ve assembled. In 2006, we launched ShipCompliant to help wineries take advantage of the burgeoning direct to consumer sales channel. I remember advice that Tom Siebel (Siebel Systems) gave me at the time: do EVERYTHING to take care of your first customers, and the rest will follow.

We adhered to those values; making difficult people and product decisions based upon empathy, responsibility, possibility and efficiency. This congruence between our Talk (values) and our Walk (the customer and partner experience) created a unique culture at ShipCompliant that transcended the relatively obscure subject matter in which we actually offer services. The result was outrageously high customer satisfaction (we average Net Promoter Scores (™) in the mid 70’s; software firms average an NPS of 29). The consistency of our customer relationships has allowed us to spend significant resources on innovation and customer support, helping to expand the business beyond DTC wine to include:

You’ll notice that the common thread among all of our experiences have been relationships with our customers and our partners. We care deeply for these relationships. They fuel our efforts, and keep us focused on what really matters in business – creating great experiences for people we care about. With Sovos Compliance, we will continue this focus and create even greater results.

On behalf of my team in Boulder, I would like to thank all of our clients, partners and industry associates for your belief, support, coaching and challenging for the past many years. We are committed to taking our contributions on your behalf to a whole new level, and cannot wait to see you in person at our User Conference, DIRECT 2015 on May 28 Register Now!

Here’s an official press release for the combination.

With sincere gratitude,

Jason Eckenroth

Founder, President – ShipCompliant