How is the Direct Shipping Report Created?

Sovos | February 17, 2015

As you might know, each year, ShipCompliant and Wines & Vines collaborate to publish an in-depth direct-to-consumer wine shipping report. If you’re not familiar with or haven’t seen this year’s report, you can find it here.

People frequently ask us for details on how the report is created. We provide information within the report that answers this question, but for those of you who want a quick answer, here it is:

This report is a collaboration between several sources and individuals and couldn’t be done without the help of each person involved. There are two primary sources of data — the Wines & Vines database of all 8,100+ wineries in the United States and millions of anonymized ShipCompliant transactions. These two datasets work together to create a holistic view of the direct-to-consumer market. (more…)